Message+ Keeps Stopping: How To Fix It? Check Here Some Methods To Fix It

Message+ Keeps Stopping

Trying to find a solution to Verizon’s Message+ Keeps Stopping issues? This article provides some of the best solutions to this problem.

Verizon Message+ crashes frequently, and many of us have had to cope with the frustration of having our Message+ crash either while you’re attempting to connect a file or contact to your message or when you’re reading or trying to read a text.

If you’re having trouble with Message+ Keeps Stopping and other Verizon difficulties, there are a few workarounds that have worked for others.

Clear Cache and Data in Message+ When It Keeps Stopping

Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu

Select Apps from the drop-down menu that appears after scrolling down the page.

Look for the Message App in the Apps section and tap it to open it.

A storage option can be selected.

As a result, you’ll see a Clear Data and Clear Cache button. Both should be tapped.
The Message+ Keeps Stopping problem should be resolved as a result of doing this operation. Please see the following solution if this doesn’t work.

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Simulated Battery Removal

Removing and reinserting the battery was an easy fix for the Verizon Message+ app to crash on earlier cellphones. Many of the problems we faced with our gadgets may be alleviated if cellphones had detachable batteries as they did back in the day.

For smartphones with non-removable batteries, a function called “simulated battery removal” is very similar to physically withdrawing and reinserting the battery.

To replicate the withdrawal of a battery, Your smartphone screen will go dark if you hold the Power Button for more than 10 seconds.

If you hold down both the Power and Volume buttons simultaneously, the phone will reboot.
Restart your phone and then turn it back on.
For many of our readers, this has solved the “Message+ Keeps Stopping” problem. So why don’t you give it a go?Message+ Keeps Stopping

Verizon Message+ Crashing

We’d look at a third repair if the message+ app wasn’t working, and this one is more in-depth than the other two. It includes some of the actions we took in our first patch and expands on them by demonstrating other methods for getting your message plus back up and running.

  1. Stop Message+, Stock Messages, Contacts, and Phone by pressing the Power button.
    For certain applications, clear the cache.
  2. In the Stock Messages app, turn off all notifications.
  3. Message+’s Notifications may now be disabled by going to the app and turning them off.
  4. Turn off all Wi-Fi and MMS settings on your phone.
  5. To make changes to your system, go to the Settings menu, select Applications, then Application Manager, and finally More.
  6. To return to normal, return to Message+ and restore the settings to their original state
    Restart the phone.

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Message Plus Keeps Stopping

If the error message appears after an update or installation of the software, it may be a compatibility problem rather than a bug. Before reinstalling the app, follow these instructions.

  1. Go to the Application Manager.
  2. Take a look at Google Play.
  3. The Clear Data button may be accessed by pressing the Clear Data
  4. Update the software by reinstalling Message+

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