The Mentalist Season 8 Cancelled: Here’s Why ‘The Mentalist’ Was Cancelled?

The Mentalist Season 8

Sacramento, California is the site of the event. The Mentalist, starring Simon Baker and Robin Tunney, is an American television series that premiered in September 2008 and ran for seven incredible seasons and 151 episodes until its final episode of season 7, ‘The Mentalist,’ aired on February 18th, 2015. The Mentalist is a psychological thriller series that is based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. The series had an average of 15.6 million views around the globe.

The episode follows Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker), a gifted psychic who outs himself as a fraud in order to collaborate with the California Bureau of Investigation in order to track down the serial killer known as Red John, who murdered his wife and young daughter in the episode’s first episode.

According to reports, in a 2005 interview conducted before the pilot episode, Jane revealed that he had aided the police in profiling the serial murderer Red John, which incensed the latter and resulted in the deaths of Jane’s parents. It was via his powers as a psychic medium that he was able to aid in the investigation of the show’s killings and, ultimately, the capture of Red John. All of the information that we presently know about The Mentalist Season 8 Release Date can be found in the section below.

The Mentalist Season 8 Release Date

A season 8 of the program has been requested by many fans despite the fact that the CBS network terminated and announced the show’s discontinuation in 2014 and the final episode basically completed the storyline five years earlier.

Storylines about charming psychic men solving crimes and reading people in the blink of an eye draw a lot of attention and soon gain a large following, as we all know. The Mentalists were no exception in this regard. When the show premiered, the audience swelled to a record-breaking 15.6 million spectators. Despite this, as the series went and the Red John story was expertly integrated, the series’ appeal diminished, with viewership dropping to 8 million, which is not horrible, but CBS had expected a higher level of interest.

The producers transferred the show’s production from Sacramento, California, to Austin, Texas, and reshuffled the supporting cast in order to try a rewrite of the show’s storyline. By the end of season 6, the mystery surrounding Red John had also been solved, presenting viewers with an answer to the show’s core puzzle. After a half-season of episodes, the FBI assumes control of the CBI, thus shutting down the organization and setting the scene for the following one and a half seasons of the show.

However, while people appreciated the change, the network felt it was insufficient and announced the show’s cancellation the next year. Due to the fact that this was a pre-announcement, the show’s designers were able to provide fitting endings to all of the characters in thirteen episodes, leaving little opportunity for a second season of the show.
As of this writing, neither CBS nor the program’s cast has commented on the possibility of the show being renewed. This has resulted in the show’s chances of returning being almost non-existent.

As of right now, there is no set date for the premiere of Season 8 of The Mentalist.

The Mentalist Cast

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The Mentalist Season 8 Canceled?

In an interview with Washington, Simon Baker stated that because the character has gone through such a terrible tragedy, no one can be anything other than empathetic towards him.

According to him, the character is obviously full of self-loathing and highly self-deprecating, there is a notable lack of preservation, and he truly has nothing left to live for other than retribution and his own version of justice, to name a few things.

As we near the conclusion, we can see that after Jane gets his revenge and subsequently marries another lady, the plot does not really have anything to keep it going, and even if it does, it will devolve into a standard television drama.

As for the show’s creator, Bruno Heller, he is completely in favor of a reunion of the cast and has stated that it is up to the lead actors Simon and Robin whether or not they like to return for the next season, as he would welcome the opportunity to work with them again.

To the pleasure of his eager followers, he also did not entirely rule out the program’s return, stating that the show was performing just as well in the past season as it did in the first, indicating that there is no such thing as a definitive “no” or “no end” to season 8.
What has viewers scratching their heads is why the program would undergo a complete revamp just to have it conclude in the next season. It appears that CBS employed the tactic to gather a large number of views for the show’s finale, and it appeared to be a successful strategy.

It’s possible that the program’s creators and the network decided that it was the ideal moment to bring the show to a close on a positive note because the show went from being a hit to being almost dull and then back to being the audience’s favorite after some substantial modifications.

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