Is Meg Donnelly Dating Milo? Dating Rumors


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Since its debut in 2018, the Disney film series has become a tremendous hit with audiences. Zed and Addison, Milo and Meg’s characters, immediately rose to the top of the popularity charts. Is Meg Donnelly dating Milo?

Fans of the Zombies series have been shipping the two actors since the first film was released. They’ve now addressed all the romance rumours that have been floating around.

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Who Is Meg Donnelly’s Boyfriend?

Milo does not have a girlfriend, despite the fervent belief of many admirers. Noah Zulfikar, her co-star in Zombies 2, is her boyfriend. They’ve been dating for about two years now. Meg devoted a series of photos and films to Noah in January 2022.

The caption said, “Celebrating u today & always, there’s no life without you in it. Thank you for everything.” Shmeefus, I love you.”

Who Is Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Milos Manheim Dating?

Who is Meg Donnelly Dating
Who is Meg Donnelly Dating?

Actress Peyton Elizabeth Lee has recently been linked to Milo, a 21-year-old who has fueled romance rumours. Season 2 of Peyton’s Disney+ sitcom, Doogie Kamealoha, M.D., will see the pair working together. Prom Pact, a Disney+ original movie, will feature the two actors.

They’ve been seen cuddling together in Instagram photos, and the 18-year-old starlet even accompanied him to the Zombies 3 red carpet. However, neither Milo nor Peyton have commented on the rumours as of this writing.

Meg And Milo Have Discussed Date Rumors

During the press tour for Zombies 3, Meg and Milo addressed rumours that they were having an intimate relationship. During an interview with J-14, Milo said, “Me and Meg’s relationship has gotten much stronger, you know. Of course, we clicked right away, but Meg has since become a close friend.”


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Milo added that he could understand why people wanted to see them as a real-life couple when he was asked about it. Zed and Addison are a match made in heaven, according to the actor. “I understand.” We are flawless. He went on to say, “So it makes sense.” Who Is Milo Manheim’s Girlfriend In 2022 And Is He Dating Meg Donnelly Right Now

People are now speculating unreasonably that this on-screen couple is having an affair because fans of the Zombies franchise have been shipping the two actors since the first film’s premiere.

However, no one can be sure of the truth. As a result, both artists have recently addressed any romance rumours that have surfaced. So, let’s take a closer look at what they said and the truth behind these internet rumours.

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Are Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim In A Relationship?

A resounding “no”! No, Meg is not Milo’s girlfriend, despite the fact that a lot of people think so. They look to be in a relationship on television, but it’s not the same in real life. Meg and Milo have recently addressed the charges and those who assumed they were dating, in case you weren’t aware.

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