GOP Rep. Nancy Mace Calls Matt Gaetz A "Fraud"
GOP Rep. Nancy Mace Calls Matt Gaetz A "Fraud"

Because He Raised Money Off McCarthy Speaker Votes, GOP Rep. Nancy Mace Calls Matt Gaetz A “Fraud”

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-South Carolina) labeled fellow Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz (Fla.) a “fraud” for fundraising off of his efforts to prevent Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-California) from gaining the office of Speaker of the House last week. Mace is from South Carolina.

“Matt Gaetz is a fake. Mace stated this while appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation” with Margaret Brennan. “Every time he voted against Kevin McCarthy last week, he sent out a fundraising email,” Mace explained. “What you saw over the past week was a constitutional process that was hampered by the kinds of political activity that you just mentioned.”

Gaetz was one of up to 20 holdouts that obstructed McCarthy’s path to the Speaker of the House position for a total of 14 rounds of voting. Gaetz was one of six members who ultimately voted “present” in a 15th round of voting early on Saturday morning, which allowed McCarthy to capture the job after making a variety of concessions to far-right lawmakers. Gaetz was one of the lawmakers who voted “present.”

One of Gaetz’s fundraising emails included the following statement: “I have no reservations about casting my vote on the House floor against Kevin McCarthy for Speaker!” The Gaetz office has not yet responded to The Hill’s request for comment.

Mace was quite critical of Gaetz and the other Republicans who were pressuring McCarthy for concessions. She stated that the negotiations around the sale, which she claimed were not conducted in an open and honest manner, gave her “serious heartburn.”

Mace stated that “We do not know what they received or did not receive.” “We haven’t seen it. We have no knowledge whatsoever of the assurances that were made. “I do not condone conduct of that nature in any way.”

Because He Raised Money Off McCarthy Speaker Votes, GOP Rep. Nancy Mace Calls Matt Gaetz A Fraud
Because He Raised Money Off McCarthy Speaker Votes, GOP Rep. Nancy Mace Calls Matt Gaetz A Fraud

On Monday, the House of Representatives will have a vote on a rules package, which the body needs to approve before any additional business can be carried out in the chamber. The vote for Speakership last week brought the House to a complete halt for the whole week, which also caused a delay in the swearing-in of all of its new members.

Mace stated that she was thinking about withdrawing her support for the rules package because of the “backroom” negotiations that had been done by McCarthy and other Republicans who were in opposition to him. Mace stated that he was currently undecided about how he would vote on the rules package tomorrow due to the aforementioned reason.

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