Mayor Of Sacramento Is A Top Target For Gavin Newsom's Judicial Nomination
Mayor Of Sacramento Is A Top Target For Gavin Newsom's Judicial Nomination

Mayor Of Sacramento Is A Top Target For Gavin Newsom’s Judicial Nomination

CA’s STATE CAPITOL, SACRAMENTO — The current mayor of Sacramento, Darrell Steinberg, is being considered for a judicial job by the state’s governor, Gavin Newsom. This appointment could result in a special election to choose who will serve as the mayor of California’s capital city.

As part of the official state screening procedure for judge nominations, the California State Bar sent out anonymous questionnaires to a number of its members the previous week, asking them to provide feedback on Steinberg, who is a Democrat.

Had an email indicating that Newsom is considering Steinberg for a position on the Third District Court of Appeals in Sacramento. Steinberg’s office released a statement confirming the senator’s interest in the position, but the message did not include a timetable for his decision.

Steinberg stated in a statement, “I have two years left in my present term as mayor, and I am completely focused on the issues and possibilities we face in the city of Sacramento.” “Because I’m interested in exploring all of the opportunities that lie ahead for me in the long run, I’ve applied for a position in the judicial system.” The governor’s office, according to a spokesperson for the governor, does not make any comments on individual judicial candidacies.

Mayor Of Sacramento Is A Top Target For Gavin Newsom's Judicial Nomination
Mayor Of Sacramento Is A Top Target For Gavin Newsom’s Judicial Nomination

Steinberg served in the California Legislature for a total of 14 years, initially in the Assembly and then in the Senate, where he eventually became president pro tempore of the latter chamber. He is now in the middle of serving his second term as Mayor of Sacramento, and in the past he has stated that he has no interest in running for a third term in 2024.

Homelessness and mental health issues have occupied a significant portion of his political career. Steinberg was a leading proponent of a historic ballot issue in 2004 that would have imposed a tax of one percent on incomes greater than one million dollars, with the proceeds going toward the funding of state behavioral health programs.

Before he ran for mayor, he founded the Steinberg Institute, an organization that is actively involved in forming policy and legislation relating to mental health in the state of California. Steinberg, who has been a loyal friend and political ally of the governor for many years, has, for many years, been mentioned as a possible candidate for gubernatorial positions.

In 2020, he was a candidate for the position of California Attorney General, which became vacant after Xavier Becerra was appointed to a position in the Biden administration. However, the position finally went to Rob Bonta, who was serving at the time as an Assemblymember.

According to the city code, if Steinberg vacates his position before to November 2023, the City Council will be required to schedule a special election in order to choose his successor. In the event that the position is vacant within twelve months of the next general election, the members of the council will have a vote to choose a successor who will serve out the remaining years of his term.

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