Matthew Perry Dislike Keanu Reeves
Matthew Perry Dislike Keanu Reeves

In His Memoir, Matthew Perry Makes Fun Of Keanu Reeves Several Times, But Why?

Keanu Reeves is one of the most loved actors in Hollywood. He has been a movie star for 30 years, but he still seems very down-to-earth.

But in his new book Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, Matthew Perry takes a few shots at the Speed actor, which has made some people wonder if he has something against him. In general, the memoir is about Matthew’s struggle with addiction, which is why those jabs seem so strange.

Why Does Matthew Perry Hate Keanu Reeves?

When Matthew is talking about River Phoenix’s passing, that is the first time that he refers to Keanu. River and Matthew had previously collaborated on the film A Night in the Life of Jimmy Rearden, which was released in 1988. When River’s passing was brought up, Matthew seemed to imply that it should have been Keanu instead.

Why do original thinkers like River Phoenix and Heath Ledger have to pass away, but Keanu Reeves is still walking among us? he jots down some notes in the book. “It came out that River was a lovely man on the inside and outside as well as being too beautiful for this planet. It seems that the genuinely talented guys are the ones that are always the ones who fall.”

Later on in the memoir, when Matthew is explaining how he felt after hearing the news that Chris Farley had passed away, he refers back to this particular period in time. When I discovered out, I went into Jennifer Aniston’s dressing room and punched a hole through the wall “he is a writer “Keanu Reeves is actually here with us.”

Matthew and Chris had previously collaborated on the film Almost Heroes, and in his writing, Matthew gives the impression that he believes Chris and River have a form of genius that Keanu is devoid of. These are some very harsh words, but it appears that Matthew is just being honest and letting his true feelings shine through in them.

It’s possible that Matthew’s constant references to Keanu aren’t based on anything real, but if that’s the case, it seems like Matthew would have been better off picking on someone else. It’s not hard to see where he’s coming from, but he’s already getting some heat for taking jabs at Keanu, who is also enormously popular because of the very zen demeanour he’s acquired in public life. This is causing some people to take issue with what he’s saying.

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On Twitter, @scmwrites posed the following question: “I truly cannot understand why somebody would willingly wonder why Keanu Reeves is still around when River isn’t, especially given that River and Keanu loved each other more than anything.” “To hell with that. What a bunch of bulls-t this is. To hell with you, Matthew Perry.

Matthew Perry Dislikes Keanu Reeves

Matthew Perry Said Sorry To Keanu Reeves After Excerpts From His Memoir Caused Trouble

In addition to Keanu’s regular fans, famous people like Rachel Zeigler and Lynda Carter came to his defence. Lynda called Keanu a “frozen cake” on Twitter and said, “No one doesn’t like him!”

It is likely that Matthew was made aware of the criticism he got on October 26, since he issued a statement the next day apologising to Keanu for his actions. He later told Keanu that he was sorry and that he had no intention of criticising Keanu’s life or work in any way.

“Matthew revealed this information in his comment to People, saying, “I’m actually a great fan of Keanu.” “I just chose a random name, my error. I sorry. Instead of using another name, I should have used my own.”

Keanu and Matthew have not yet had a conversation about the extracts and apology, and it is unlikely that Keanu will make a fuss over it. The actor has been keeping himself occupied and busy as of late with roles in movies such as Matrix Resurrections, DC League of Super Pets, John Wick: Chapter 4, and a Constantine sequel. Keanu recently disassociated himself from his first major role on television, which was in the Hulu series Devil in the White City starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

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