Mary Kay Letourneau’s 1st Husband Steve Has Found Happiness Now He ‘Moved On’


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Mary Kay Letourneau, a former teacher convicted for having an affair with her then-sixth grade student Vili Fualaau, was previously married to Steve Letourneau before she started abusing the power of her position as a schoolteacher. Her former classmate has found happiness in his private life following the scandal.

Mary Kay Letourneau’s first husband moved on after her 15-year jail sentence by remarrying twice more and moving on with his life when the spotlight faded.

When teacher Mary Kay Letourneau was arrested in 1997 and revealed she was pregnant with her first child by Vili (her daughter Audrey is now 22) Steve filed for divorce and got custody of their four children, Steven Jr., Mary Claire, Nicholas, and Jacqueline. Despite their mother’s reputation, her adult children have found success and happiness in their own lives. It was revealed Nicholas graduated from Georgetown with a degree in computer science and Steven Jr., who is less than two years younger now than his stepfather, is currently a father of two.

Mary Kay shares five children with Steve, and all of them are accustomed to a less-than-ideal childhood.

The insider attributes the second and third husband to Steven. Mary Kay has six children as well as Nicolet, 17; simultaneously of her and Steve, she also has Georgia, 21. Vili shares that while they are close in age with their stepmother, it is an awkward feeling to be close to someone technically your stepson or daughter.

Mary Kay Letourneau s ex-husband felt threatened when he found out about the affair between his wife and her former student, Vili.

Vili went to my house and we ended up fighting. I worry about everything, about what will happen to me if people find out, to Mary, for what it does do her and asked him not say a word.” The thought of hurting my family and the fear that other people would find out was what motivated me to accept him.

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Since then, Mary Kay and Vili separated and officially divorced each other in 2019. Today, Vili is working as a DJ.Mary Kay Letourneau’s 1st Husband Steve

Things were complicated for Steve’s blended family in the mid-90s, but his insider said he had no problems putting the scandal behind him. He has worked at Alaskan Airlines for over 30 years and is still a stepfather to two more daughters (by Kelly Whalen).

When asked what life is like for his ex-wife s first husband. His first wife, Mary Kay Letourneau, is now with a new husband.

With deep regret, we have learned that 58-year old Mary Kay Letourneau has passed away from stage 4 cancer. News outlets always say she was a good person.

Steve has not yet informed the public on his grieving

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