Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery
Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery: Did She Have A Nose Job?

The 82-year-old Marlo Thomas has a peculiar visage. Many of her supporters think she has had a botched nose operation and facelift.

The actress is still gorgeous, in her own way, despite her advanced age. When she starred in That Girl, Marlo was 29 years old.

It would appear that the surgical procedure was successful. Thomas was offered a starring part in the next Hallmark film, A Magical Christmas Village.

Marlo’s comments against Fox5’s Good Day New York host Sherri Shephard’s size have recently made headlines. Later, she realized her error and apologized to her followers and the host.

She appeared on Sherri and joked about how she “used to be a huge woman” before losing weight, prompting her to apologize a few days later.

Thomas’s mood changed, and she held her arms out to show how much larger Shepherd used to be. Thomas reiterated her “passion” for Shepherd throughout her presentation and elaborated on what she meant by her remark.

Actors Aimee Teegarden and Roxy Shahidi appear to have had similar procedures done.

What Happened To Marlo Thomas’ Face?

There’s little doubt that Marlo Thomas had numerous facelifts and cosmetic surgery done on her face.

The actress, who is 82 years old, seems far younger.

Before World War II, in 1937, Marlo was born in Beverly Hills, California. She may be anywhere from 50 to 60 years old, though.

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery

An article published in 2014 on the website of said that Marlo Thomas had gone too far in her efforts to reverse the effects of time.

Many plastic surgeons have made remarks on the surgeries Marlo might have had to get her current look.

Her peculiar appearance would take aback someone seeing Thomas for the first time. Fans haven’t left Marlo Thomas alone, speculating that the actress has had a nose job, brow lift, and facelift.

Kalos pointed out that she also looks “very fake” and “quite different” from the gorgeous Marlo that many people remember because of her plastic surgery choices.

In recent pictures and interviews from the year 2022, Thoma’s face looks stretched, odd, and pulled back. Her nose, which makes her face look more comprehensive, is reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s.

Did Marlo Thomas Have A Nose Job?

Kalos speculates that Marlo has had a nose job, facelift, or plastic surgery.

Kalos is the name of Dr. Benjamin Stong’s renowned plastic surgery website. Fans have noticed a difference in the actress’ appearance, although she has not yet commented on the plastic surgery she has done.

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Marlo Thomas Bad Plastic Surgery and Facelift Response By Fans

As previously indicated, opinions on Marlo Thomas’s facelift results are divided.

While many of Marlo’s followers are thrilled by her new youthful look, some are not as enthusiastic.

She continued, quoting someone who said, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

Meanwhile, she came under fire for a Facebook post about a 7-year-old girl having surgery to prevent bullying. An article marked her comment, “A 7-year-old getting plastic surgery to address bullying? You are aware of my deep worry regarding bullying, but this is where we are now?”

Furthermore, she remarked, “the only way to stop the bullying, according to the girl’s parents, was plastic surgery. The young girl had been tormented about her ears. What do you think about this?”

One of her fans commented on the post from April of 2011 and said, “Wrong….this just shows their kids to do something to change themselves which nobody should do. Too many other things the parents should do. My daughter was bullied, and I had to go up to the school a few times and call the police a few times. Then it would have been time to call the news media and have the school broadcasted all over for not helping me.”

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