Mara Gay Net Worth

Mara Gay Net Worth: How Much is Mara’s Salary and Her Fortune?

American news journalist Mara Gay now serves on the New York Times editorial board. She primarily writes on New York politics, state politics, and other local news.

She formerly served as the City Hall bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal in New York City before joining the editorial staff of The New York Times.

Mara Gay Net Worth

The net worth was $80 thousand as of 2021. She makes most of her money from journalism, but she also makes money through news reporting. In addition to this, she owns stock in the New York Times, earning her a respectable profit each year.

Mara Gay Net Worth

Mara Gay Career

Mara Gay began her career as an editor before transitioning to a prominent reporter position. Prior to 2018, Mara covered Mayors Bill De Blasio and Michael Bloomberg for The Wall Street Journal, among many other stories that benefited the country’s most populous and dynamic city.

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As city hall reporter, she was promoted to City Hall Bureau Chief. Her next move was to join the New York Times as a worker. She covers local and state issues there for New York.

She has also worked for The Daily, an entirely digital newspaper owned by a news organization, The Atlantic, and the New York Daily News. She worked at Atlantic Wire where she rose to fame and recognition.

In addition, she is renowned for reporting on Donald Trump’s presidency. Her audience adores her for her logical opinions and political analysis. She is accomplished in her field and has attained the peak of achievement in media since she is an expert in journalism.

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