In A Downtown LA Target Store, Security Was Tightened
In A Downtown LA Target Store, Security Was Tightened

After A Homeless Man Stabbed Two People In A Downtown LA Target Store, Security Was Tightened

Downtown Los Angeles (Kabc) – A homeless man grabbed a large butcher knife off the shelf at a Target store in downtown Los Angeles and stabbed two people, one of whom was a young boy, before being shot and killed by police officers. The store now has increased security as a result of this incident.

At approximately 6:20 p.m., the horrifying attack began on Tuesday at a well-known retail centre close to the intersection of Figueroa and 7th streets.

The man living on the streets is said to have entered the store and taken a butcher knife with a 9-inch blade from a shelf, according to the police. According to the Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, he went up to a youngster of the same age in the store and told the boy that he was going to murder him.

Moore stated that the man confronted the young child and threatened to knife and kill him. “(He) confronted him,” Moore claimed. “He reiterated that more than once. The youngster attempted to flee and go, ignore him, move away. The suspect abruptly struck and stabbed this child in the back without any further provocation.” “He repeated that more than once.”

The boy had a severe injury to the top of his shoulder and fell to the ground. Moore stated that the boy had surgery and was in stable condition; nonetheless, there was a possibility that the boy had sustained significant brain impairment.

After A Homeless Man Stabbed Two People In A Downtown LA Target Store, Security Was Tightene
After A Homeless Man Stabbed Two People In A Downtown LA Target Store, Security Was Tightene

Moore stated that the homeless man also “brutally” stabbed one woman, approximately 25 years old, in the chest. They dragged her away to the section of the store that houses the pharmacies and then shut the gate behind them. Some good Samaritans came to her aid.

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A security guard eventually shot the man, resulting in the man’s death. Gil Alonso stated to Eyewitness News that he was at the shop when the homeless man entered the establishment.

“What I saw was somebody who came in and was angry and grabbed a knife,” he claimed. “What I saw was somebody who came in and was angry.” “There was a lot of chaos… he assaulted a youngster, and thankfully, security and the officers were able to help out, but it’s awful,” said the witness.

At least five law enforcement officers were observed performing security patrols inside Target on Wednesday. After further consideration, the retailing powerhouse has issued the following statement:

“On Tuesday evening, an individual attacked multiple guests at our 7th & Figueroa store in Los Angeles. We can confirm that a third-party security guard intervened to stop the attack, and the Los Angeles Police Department was quick to respond to the situation.

The safety of our guests is our top priority, and our hearts go out to the injured guests. We’re grateful for the aid provided by the Los Angeles Police Department and others, and we’re focusing on supporting our team in the aftermath of this incident.

In the meantime, customers such as Patricia Enriquez of Silver Lake stated that the events that transpired inside the store did not significantly alter how comfortable they felt about the surrounding neighbourhood.

She explained, “As far as safety goes, it’s not just downtown, but it seems that it’s happened a lot more downtown. However, it can be everywhere.” The Los Angeles Police Department also stated that there is no connection between the suspect and the victims.

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