Man Killed When SUV Crashed Into An Apple Store
Man Killed When SUV Crashed Into An Apple Store

Man Killed When SUV Crashed Into An Apple Store

It was reported that the man killed earlier this week when an SUV slammed into an Apple store in Massachusetts was engaged to a woman he had been with for more than a decade before the incident.

According to a news release issued by Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz, Kevin Bradley, 65, of Wayne, New Jersey, passed away on Monday due to injuries sustained when a 2019 Toyota 4Runner smashed through the glass storefront of the Derby Street Shops in Hingham.

A representative for the company commented, “We are horrified by the awful events that occurred at Apple Derby Street today and the tragic death.” “Our thoughts and prayers are with those on our team and among our customers who were hurt and with everyone who was adversely impacted by this terrible event. During this extremely challenging moment, we are doing everything we can to help our staff and customers.”

According to a GoFundMe for the victim that Kori Robino established, the sister-in-law of the daughter of Bradley’s fiancee, Kathy McGrogan, Bradley was engaged to Kathy McGrogan, with whom he had been together for 12 years. According to NBC Boston’s investigation, the New Jersey guy had just gotten engaged the day before the tragedy.

Bradley Rein, who is 53 years old, was driving the vehicle that caused at least 19 other people to get injuries. According to a statement released by the district attorney, the individual in Hingham told the police that his foot got caught on the gas pedal.

In connection with the collision, Rein has been charged with reckless homicide as well as careless operation of a motor vehicle, and he is currently being held on a bond of one hundred thousand dollars. Cruz further stated that Rein pleaded not guilty to the accusations.

Man Killed When SUV Crashed Into An Apple Store
Man Killed When SUV Crashed Into An Apple Store

A representative for Apple earlier told that the employee who died in the accident on Monday was “a professional who was onsite assisting recent development at the shop.” A member informed NBC BostonĀ of Bradley’s extended family that the grandfather of three was “a wonderful man who looked out for his family.”

More News:

According to a report obtained by The Boston Globe from the police department, Bradley was employed by GMS Construction at the time of the accident. A colleague told the police that they were removing a barrier from a window just before the collision.

According to the paper, the police said in their report, “He has suddenly spun around and heard what he thought sounded like an explosion, followed by a loud smash.” “When he went inside, he saw his coworker [Bradley], who was deceased, on the floor, and he saw the car against the back of the store,” the narrative continues.

According to the GoFundMe campaign, Bradley lived with his fiancee, her daughter Kelly, and their two grandchildren, AJ, 5, and Bella, 4. As of the wee hours of Thursday morning, the fundraising effort had already received donations totalling more than $5,400.

On the GoFundMe page, Robino wrote that they were “asking for any help you can provide to help with funeral arrangements and everyday expenses until the details and next steps are figured out.” “With this being a holiday week and Christmas fast approaching, we are asking for any help you can provide to help with Christmas fast approaching.”

She said, “Please consider making a small donation instead of buying my family a cup of coffee so they can get through this tragedy.” “If you cannot contribute financially, please share this information with your networks so that we can assist the McGrogan family in bearing this burden and make it somewhat simpler for them to get through each day.”

The investigation revealed that Rein was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the collision, as stated by the police. His attorney, Alison King, made the following statement in court on Tuesday: “Although the aftermath of this accident was terrible… Simply put, it was that. It appears to have been a mistake.” According to the district attorney for Plymouth County, Rein is scheduled to appear in court again on December 22.

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