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Majority In Danger As House Democrats Preferring Retirement Over Re-Election

The win in Virginia for the Republicans is having wider implications, and conundrums regarding whether to retire or fight the re-elections are proving to favor an unwilling former option.

After the House passed the landmark Economy Revival bill by a whisker, things were expected to go in the favor of democrats rekindling a positive spirit. However, the stalemates and the delays caused in the process have fizzled out the joys that were expected to come.

As uncertainty looms on other seats going for elections, democrats are preferring retirement over contesting their seats with a higher probability of defeat. It is commonly seen as a sign of morale-boosting when the representative decides to contest re-election, as he is hopeful of a seat, and the other way round in case they fear losing.

Rep. David Price, of North Carolina, and Rep. Mike Doyle, of Pennsylvania, announced last month that they shall be retiring from the House. This came as a shocker as they held decades of experience under their belt each.

Other retirees include Reps. Ann Kirkpatrick, of Arizona; Cheri Bustos, of Illinois; and Ron Kind, of Wisconsin. Kentucky’s Rep. and the chair of the House Budget Committee John Yarmuth also announced his retirement due to old age, as he closes to 75 years of age, stating he wishes, “to have more control of my time in the years I have left.”

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With the approaching, mid-term’s elections scheduled for next year, Michael Adams said “Every Democrat retirement expands the Republican battlefield and demoralizes House Democrats even further,”. He is the National Republican Congressional Committee communications director.

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