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Lynn Haven’s Former City Attorney Faces 20 Years After Guilty Plea On Corruption Charges

Adam Albritton, Former Lynn Haven City Attorney, faces up to 20 years in federal prison after his guilty plea on two of over 60 charges against him on Friday.

In addition, he faces up to three years of probation and a $250,000 fine.

Albritton admitted through the court papers released after a closed hearing that the U.S. Attorney’s Office could prove at trial his committal of wire fraud and honest services fraud crimes. 

“The defendant agrees that substantial evidence exists to support the charge,” the plea agreement said.

According to the agreement, a “sealed supplement” to Albritton’s plea agreement was filed where he stated whether or not he would work with federal authorities in moving on with their investigation into a strategy to defraud Lynn Haven and the federal government in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.

Albritton statements to investigators are still unknown, but he was indicted with the case together with former Lynn Haven Mayor Margo Anderson, Phoenix Construction owner James Finch and former Lynn Haven City Commissioner Antonius Brown.

FBI agents also raided the offices of GAC Contracting in Bay County, a company with strong business connections with Albritton.

The wire fraud charge Albritton pleaded guilty to, came from his contracts with David White and his company, Erosion Control Specialist, for the $25,000 worth of debris removal and other work needed for his and his girlfriend’s home and after Hurricane Michael. 

According to the document, the illegal contract happened when White deposited a check taken from turning in a fraudulent invoice stating his company had been doing debris removal work on public property when its workers were actually at Albritton’s home.

The court documents said honest services fraud was committed when Albritton plotted with David White and others to draft a supplemental agreement to a contract between ECS and Lynn Haven giving the company the capacity to bill the city for garbage pickup that never happened. 

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On behalf of ECS, the documents said Albritton was paid periodic cash kickbacks of $10,000 or $20,000 in return for his illegal activity. 

December 10 will be the schedule of Albritton’s sentencing in a federal court in Tallahassee. That schedule is six days earlier than the scheduled sentencing of five others: Michael White, David White, Joshua Anderson, David Horton, and Shannon Rodriguez, who have pleaded guilty in the Lynn Haven corruption scandal.

Michael White is the former city manager of Lynn Haven.

On Oct. 26, a  status conference will be held to review the cases of Anderson, who like Albritton has been indicted with over 60 federal crimes, Finch and Barnes.

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