Tornadoes In Louisiana And The Southeast Kill 3 And Destroy Homes And Power
Tornadoes In Louisiana And The Southeast Kill 3 And Destroy Homes And Power

Tornadoes In Louisiana And The Southeast Kill 3 And Destroy Homes And Power

A severe weather system that was moving through the South left a path of destruction in Louisiana. At least three people were killed and dozens of other people were injured as a result of the violent tornadoes that touched down, causing homes to collapse, turning debris into projectiles, and knocking out power.

According to the Louisiana Department of Health, one of the people who passed away as a result of storm-related events was a woman who was 56 years old and lived in the Killona area of St. Charles Parish. Her home was struck by a tornado, and she passed away as a result of her injuries.

Additionally, the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office said that a boy and his mother were discovered dead after a tornado demolished their home on Tuesday in the village of Keithville located in the northwest corner of the state of Louisiana. The deaths of the mother and boy were discovered many hours apart, far from the location where their residence used to be, according to the officials.

In many places in Louisiana, roofs were ripped off, homes were broken up, roads were filled with trash, and cars were flipped over. says that on Wednesday night, more than 50,000 people in Louisiana and Mississippi lost power because of strong winds that knocked down power lines. Early Thursday morning, that number was less than 15,000.

The Storm Prediction Center says that at least 49 tornadoes were reported in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, and Florida on Tuesday and Wednesday. As surveyors continue to look for damage, they are likely to find more signs of tornadoes. And the danger is still there. Robert Shackelford, a meteorologist, says that as the bad weather moves east, more than 15 million people could see it in parts of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas on Thursday.

Up until 9 a.m. Thursday, more than 1.5 million people in southeastern Alabama, northern Florida, and southern Georgia were under a tornado watch. There is still a chance of strong tornadoes, hail the size of a quarter, and strong wind gusts of up to 70 mph.  The big storm that caused damage in Louisiana and the rest of the Southeast is part of a bigger system that has also caused blizzards in the north of the central US.

“A long Road to Disaster”

In Louisiana, there was a lot of damage in a lot of places, so Gov. John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency.

Mayor Belinda Constant said that as many as 5,000 buildings were probably damaged when a tornado hit the city of Gretna, which is across the Mississippi River from New Orleans.

Farther north, in the small town of Farmerville in Union Parish, at least 20 people were hurt Tuesday night when a tornado hit and destroyed parts of an apartment complex and a mobile home park, according to Farmerville police detective Cade Nolan.

Patsy Andrews was at home with her kids in Farmerville when she heard “rushing wind like a train” outside, she told CNN affiliate KNOE-TV. When she went to check, her son told her not to open the door, but it was too late.

Andrews said, “All of a sudden, that wind got so strong that it broke my back door.” “All we could hear when the lights went out was glass breaking everywhere.” She said that she and her daughter dropped to the floor and crawled into a hallway as the glass broke all around them and water poured through the roof. In the end, they had to hide in their bathroom.

“We just climbed into the tub and gave each other hugs. We just kept praying and I just kept calling on Jesus,” Andrews said. Her family made it through the storm, but their house was hurt.

Collin Arnold, director of the New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, told CNN that four people in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans were taken to hospitals as the storm hit the west bank of the Mississippi River. Arnold said that at least one house in the area fell and that other homes and businesses were also affected. Officials in St. Bernard Parish also said that a tornado hit Arabi, causing “major damage” and leaving much of the area without electricity.

Sheriff James Pohlmann of St. Bernard Parish said that crews in Arabi will work all night to find and save people. Ten people have been saved because of the bad weather, but there have been no serious injuries or deaths, Pohlmann said. Cindy DeLucca Hernandez thought she could beat the storm when she drove home with her 16-year-old son after picking him up from school. But while she was traveling, she ran into a tornado.

“I’ve never been through anything like that, it was very scary,” Hernandez said. She sent CNN a video of herself waiting at a red light while a tornado blew through Arabi, kicking up debris and cutting power lines.

She said, “We started to see debris, and it hit us a couple of times, so I put the car in reverse.” Hernandez and her son got safely home. Scott Walker, a councilman in Jefferson Parish, said he saw a path of trash that was at least a mile long.

In an online video, he said, “Power lines were down, homes were badly damaged, and roofs were ripped off.” “There is a long path of destruction and a lot of damage on the west bank.” Storm damage meant that two schools in Jefferson Parish would be closed on Thursday.

Captain Leland Laseter of the police department wrote on Facebook that the Iberia Medical Center “suffered a lot of damage.” CNN has asked the medical center for their thoughts. On Facebook, the New Iberia Police Department said that two tornadoes hit the city, damaging several homes and causing people to get stuck in the Southport Subdivision.

Tornadoes In Louisiana And The Southeast Kill 3 And Destroy Homes And Power
Tornadoes In Louisiana And The Southeast Kill 3 And Destroy Homes And Power

Texas And Oklahoma Are Hit By Tornadoes That Damage Homes

As the storm moved through the south this week and caused tornadoes, it also caused damage in Texas and Oklahoma. At least seven people were hurt in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas on Tuesday. At least five of those people were hurt near the city of Grapevine. Two tornado reports came in from Grapevine, where police said damage was done to a mall and other businesses.

Officials say that an EF2 tornado hit Wise County close to the towns of Paradise and Decatur, causing damage to homes and businesses. On the video, homes in Decatur were broken up and their roofs were ripped off.

Officials say that an EF2 tornado hit Wayne, Oklahoma, early Tuesday morning and damaged homes, sheds, and barns. Video from CNN affiliate KOCO shows that no one was hurt, but homes were flattened or had their roofs ripped off.

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