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Longmire Season 7
Longmire Season 7

Longmire Season 7: A series of novels by Walt Longmire is the inspiration for the Longmire Mysteries, which is the basis for the Longmire television drama series in the United States of America. Craig Johnson is the author of this critically acclaimed crime drama series. 63 episodes have been produced across 6 seasons. It first aired on the A&E network between 2002 and 2003. (2012-2014). In the following months, it was made available on Netflix between (2015-2017). These individuals worked together as producers on this show: John Coveny, Hunt Baldwin, Christopher Chulack, Greer Shephard, and Michael M. Robin, among others. Walt Longmire is the central character in the story. Several major crimes are being investigated under his jurisdiction, with the assistance of his daughter Cady, a female deputy named Victoria, other members of the department, and friends of the family, There are 88 per cent positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, which gives this show an 8.3 out of 10 rating on IMDb.

Is Longmire Season 7 going to be cancelled by Netflix?

Longmire did its part for six seasons and was the first broadcast on A&E in 2012, gaining a lot of attention in a relatively short period of time. However, no one knows why the show was cancelled after the third season. Yes, it was revived by Netflix by associating its name with one of the chosen ones who managed to avoid being terminated. But, as they say, nothing lasts forever, even the best of things. In other words, after three seasons that concluded in 2017, we must once again say goodbye to Longmire even before the release of Longmire Season 7.

Aside from the low watch time of the show, one of the primary reasons given for its abrupt shutdown was the low number of people who tuned in to watch it. But that was a little off the mark. The second season of Longmire received an average of 6 million views per episode. which went down in history as the most-watched original series on A&E. However, when it was cancelled after season 3, the ratings suffered a significant drop for a period of time. To give an example, the final episode of the third season received only 3.7 million viewers, with only 0.6 viewers in the highly sought-after 18-49 demographic.

Basically, while we may think that cancelling the series was a strange decision, we can also understand why A&E was compelled to take this action by the network. We can’t say that about Netflix, however, because the company doesn’t rely on advertising revenue, and because Netflix is secretive about show ratings and doesn’t release statistics, we don’t even know how popular the service is right now, and we can’t really rely on statistics provided by third parties. As a result, it’s difficult to tell whether the number of viewers for Longmire increased or decreased as a result of the show’s new supporter. With the former option, there is a good reason to guess correctly, as the Netflix platform is quite impressive, having increased awareness and viewership for shows such as Breaking Bad and Riverdale in recent years.

Is Longmire Season 7 going to be cancelled
Is Longmire Season 7 going to be cancelled?


So, what exactly were the factors that led to the cancellation of Longmire Season 7 on Netflix?

When we received the official news from Netflix about Longmire season 6, it also stated that there will be no Longmire season 7 and that the show had reached its conclusion. Because we are unable to access the viewership statistics, we can only speculate as to why Netflix has decided not to renew Longmire season 7. Given that we can only speculate, here are some non-trivial hypotheses.

It’s pretty obvious that the previous six seasons have covered the majority of Craig’s book, and Longmire season 7 will have no additional source materials to draw upon.

The contract with the actor is the next step. We’re not sure if this qualifies as our man of crime, but the fact that most of them can bind the actors for six seasons makes us think so. It’s possible that season 7 is not covered.


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