Why Did Liane V and Don Split How Long Have They Been Dating
Why Did Liane V and Don Split How Long Have They Been Dating

Why Did Liane V and Don Split? How Long Have They Been Dating?

Liane V has over 4.6 million Instagram followers and is also a singer and model. She has her own eponymous YouTube channel where she shares her music and vlogs about her life. She has hosted red carpet events for the television shows The Voice, The X Factor, and American Idol. Here you will read about the reason for Liane V and don split and details related to them. So start reading:

How Did Liane Become So Popular?

Valenzuela’s nine-year work paid off when she made friends with a few YouTube stars who pushed her to start her channel. Valenzuela’s popularity grew after she started posting “cheesy cover videos” (which she has since deleted) on the new six-second video platform Vine.

What Is Liane V Famous For?

Liane V
Liane V

The six-second video is credited by Liane V (last name Valenzuela) as the catalyst for her nine-year climb to social media celebrity, which yielded more than 12 million social media followers, multi-figure deals with brands like Target and G by Guess, and the ability to send her parents into retirement.

How Long Have Liane and Don Been Dating?

After knowing Liane Valenzuela for three years as a friend, Don decided to pursue a romantic relationship with her. They have a joint YouTube channel, Forever Us, where they share fun challenges, trip vlogs, cooking tutorials, and relationship advice.

Who Is Don Benjamin?

U.S.-based fashion model and TV host Don Benjamin. A participant in the 20th season of “America’s Next Top Model,” he has gained public attention. This was a massive opportunity for him. He also became well-known as a hip-hop performer. On Photronique’s song “Across the sky,” he sang a duet.

On May 5, 1987, in South Chicago, Don Benjamin entered the world. Early on, he was exposed to different music and even dabbled in rapping with his pals in high school. In 2011, he uploaded his first video on the video-sharing platform YouTube. Among the companies he’s modeled for are Guess, Pink Dolphin, and others.

The famous model has been in numerous films and made hit songs. His achievements and how he used his varied skills and passions to his advantage have inspired many.

Don Career


In 2012, he penned and starred in the short musical “Welcome to Zombieland,” in which he played the role of Zombieland King. Two years later, he appeared as Avery in an episode of the criminal TV series “One” and got the role of Nathan in the thriller “Matthew 18.” Acting roles in 2015’s drama “Supermodel” and 2016’s music video for Ariana Grande’s “Into You” followed.

Don then played Jaron in the 2018 horror thriller “Judgement” and an anxious guy in the 2019 short comedy “CIROC: What Men Want.”

He appeared in the music video for Will Jordan’s “Back To Me” in 2020, and he has recently been cast as Maxey on the drama TV series “On Deck” (2021). The upcoming drama “3 am in Hollywood” announces that he will play Immaculate, and the forthcoming drama “North Of The 10,” for which he will also serve as an executive producer, reports that he will play Cameron.

Relationship With Liane Valenzuela

Don Benjamin started dating singer/model/social media celebrity Liane Valenzuela in 2015. They had been going out for two years before they decided to start documenting their relationship in a public forum online.

They began recording a wide range of material, including how-to films in the kitchen and on the road, challenges, questions and answers, and more. There was an immediate surge in the couple’s popularity.

Don proposed to Liane during her birthday celebration in August of 2019; they are now engaged to be married. They broke up at the beginning of 2020 but joyfully reconciled and are still together now. The pair now makes their home in the Los Angeles area.

Liane V and Don Split

Don and Liane, who had been together for a long time, decided to end their marriage in January. The newly single Benjamin was dogged by whispers of adultery, but rather than pointing fingers, he focused on improving himself.

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