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Lewis Capaldi Relationship History: Capaldi’s Dating Life Revealed!

Lewis Capaldi Relationship History

Lewis Capaldi Relationship History

With the Netflix documentary Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Today, musician Lewis Capaldi has decided to be more open with his audience.

The famous Scottish musician lets audiences take a deep dive into his psyche in the new movie, which helps them better grasp who he is and how his life experiences have influenced the composition of his top-charting music.

In How I’m Feeling Today, fans learn much about Lewis’ professional and personal struggles. However, some still have unanswered questions regarding the romantic side of his life and the aspects of those experiences that also contributed to how he is today.

Now that that’s out, what do we know about Lewis’ past relationships? Who is he dating now?

Lewis Capaldi Relationship History

Lewis has only recently come into the public eye, but he has been romantically associated with several people throughout that time. Let’s look at who they are and the information that is currently known about each interaction.

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Ellie MacDowell

Ellie MacDowell is the most recent person with whom Lewis has allegedly had a romantic relationship. In February 2023, Lewis was spotted cuddling up to Ellie at the Universal Music afterparty held at 188 The Strand in London after his performance at The BRIT Awards.

As of the time of writing, neither he nor Ellie has publicly acknowledged their relationship, but a source for The Sun said that Lewis is “in love” and “couldn’t be happier.”

Catherine Halliday

Lewis was seen with Catherine Halliday, who was 21 years old before she was connected to Ellie. The pair reportedly went on a date in February 2020, according to The Sun.

“They were being very flirty and seemed to be having fun,” a source recalled. “Both laughing and joking a lot, touching hands and being tactile…They were both laughing their heads off and pulling faces because he nearly knocked it as he pulled away.”

Despite this, their relationship ended before it could be established that they were dating.

Paige Turley

Lewis’ most well-known romance was with Paige Turley, a musician, and former Love Island contestant. Interestingly, the two started dating in college in 2015 before they achieved genuine prominence. Later, Paige acknowledged that the relationship began while she was a contestant on Love Island in 2020.

Unlike how she did, Lewis didn’t withhold information in a since-deleted Instagram post.

“I met a lady. She was very nice. I loved her. I loved the look of her and I loved how she spoke,” he wrote at the time. “We dated for a year-and-a-half, then she left me. Then I wrote an album about it and I still think about it every day.”

Paige never addressed Lewis’ remarks. She won the series with Finn Tapp, another former Love Island contestant, and they are still together as of the time of writing.

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