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Who Is Lester Green? His Journey And Personal Life

Lester Green, better known by his stage name Beetlejuice, is an American entertainer, actor, and member of The Howard Stern Show’s Wack Pack. He was named the greatest Wack Packer of all time by Howard Stern in 2015. He has also appeared in such feature films as Bubble Boy and Scary Movie 2.

Who is Beetlejuice, And Where Did He Come From?

Lester Green is known as “Beetlejuice” because of his short height and small head as a result of microcephaly and dwarfism, Lester Green is an American actor and comedian best known for his harsh sense of humor that made him popular on “The Howard Stern Show.” As a member of Stern’s “Wack Pack,” he was honored as the “Greatest Wack Packer of All Time” in 2015.

He also plays as part of the ‘The Killers of Comedy Tour,’ a group that includes other cast members. After appearing on the show in late 2004, Beetlejuice sang the original song ‘This Is Beetle’ and was given his own chat show in 2009. His cinematic credits include “Scary Movie 2,” “Bubble Boy,” and “Girls Gone Dead.” He also provided the voice of Zeke in “True Crime: New York City,” a 2005 video game. Beetlejuice, a former comedic wrestler, recently challenged Mike Tyson to a fight. ‘Beetlejuice’.

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How did Lester Green Become a Star?

Beetlejuice met Sean Rooney at a bar during his early career in Dwarf-tossing and Sean became his manager for his nightclub appearances as a comic and performer. On the World Championship Wrestling show for a short time, Beetlejuice was a professional wrestler who squared off against much larger opponents on a regular basis.

Following his appearance on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ in 1999, Beetlejuice became a regular guest on the program. Acting gigs in films like ‘Scary Movie 2 and Bubble Boy’ were a result of his success on the show. Subsequently, he entered the hip-hop scene by appearing on the album cover and singing on three tracks of Smut Peddlers’ debut album, ‘Porn Again,’ (2001).

For rapper N.O.R.E.‘s single ‘Grimey’ in 2002, he starred in the music video. Richard Christy, the producer of Stern’s program, turned a tune he wrote in the studio one night in late 2004 into the single ‘This Is Beetle.’ This is Beetle, which aired in 2009, gave viewers an inside look at Beetle’s daily life as he battled both his celebrity and his physical limitations.

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Later In Life

Since the end of the ‘This is Beetle’ show, Beetlejuice has appeared in the 2012 film ‘Girls Gone Dead’ as himself. He continued to appear on ‘The Howard Stern Show,’ albeit to a lesser extent, and he also went on tour with ‘The Killers of Comedy.’ He returned to the ceremony in late 2015 to accept the award for ‘Greatest Wack Packer of All Time.’ He has recently shifted his focus to generating money through his website ‘jollydwarf.com,’ where he and his friends can be hired for bachelor parties, as well as dwarf throwing, boxing, bowling, and bartending.

Personal & Family Life

Lester Napoleon Green, better known as Beetlejuice, was born on June 2, 1968, in Jersey City, New Jersey, to Christopher Plaid and Laura Green. Microcephaly is a medical disease in which the brain is underdeveloped and the head is smaller than usual. He was born with it.

He is also short, standing at 1.3 meters, although he does not have dwarfism’s exaggerated limb size. When one of his uncles, a member of the Ringling Brothers circus freak show, realized his various developmental difficulties, he offered to take him into the show when he was only seven years old. His mother, on the other hand, decided to teach him, which proved to be fruitful because he was exceptionally intelligent at school.
On October 2, 2007, actor Jerry O’Connell said on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ that the two grew up knowing each other because his mother was Beetlejuice’s special education teacher at PS 31 in Jersey City.

During his early appearances on ‘The Howard Stern Show,’ Beetlejuice stated that he received the name ‘Beetlejuice’ while growing up in Jersey City’s Marion Garden Projects as part of a Dwarf-tossing performance. Children frequently irritated him after the release of Michael Keaton’s 1988 picture ‘Beetlejuice,’ comparing him to the character whose skull was shrunk by the Witch Doctor. The term stayed with him, and he became well-known as a result of it.

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