Lee Jong Suk Get Plastic Surgery: Before and After Pictures Are Here

Lee Jong Suk Get Plastic Surgery

Before discussing anything about Lee Jong Suk’s physical transformation through Plastic Surgery. Let us know who is Lee Jong Suk…

Who Is Lee Jong-suk?

Lee Jong-suk is a great Korean actor. He began his modeling career in 2005, at the age of 15, and remains the youngest male model of Seoul Fashion Week. Lee Jong-suk, born in 1989, is a popular South Korean television screenwriter’s protagonist. ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’, ‘While You Were Sleeping’ and ‘School 2013’ are just a few of his notable roles.

Lee left his previous agency, Wellmade Yedang, in December 2015 and signed with YG Entertainment on May 10, 2016. He also works alongside fellow actor and model Kim Woo-bin, whom he has known since their modeling days.

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Rumors About Lee Jong Suk Having Various Plastic Surgery

According to what you know about Lee Jong-suk, do you believe he underwent plastic surgery? According to rumors, he’s undergone plastic surgery on his eyelids and nose (rhinoplasty). Though Lee Jong-suk never confirmed this, his followers believed this was his very first cosmetic treatment.

In real life, Jong-suk is rather reserved about his activities, which explains why he would prefer not to discuss his physical improvements. Additionally, Jong-suk stated in an interview that he is his worst critic when it comes to his appearance and acting+ abilities. With this mindset, it’s reasonable to assume that he has pondered visiting a cosmetic surgery for a makeover.

  • Nose Surgery

Lee Jong Suk Get Plastic Surgery

Fans suspected that the Korean hottie had a nose operation prior to his big break in the entertainment industry.

Lee Jong Suk’s nose appears to be flat, blunt, and wide in this old photograph. The Korean star, on the other hand, now has a more refined and streamlined nasal bridge. His new nose may also have a more pointed tip.

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  • Eye Surgery

Lee Jong Suk Get Plastic Surgery

Because of the obvious transformation of his larger eye shape, the majority of his followers believe he had eye surgery. Lee Jong Suk’s eyes were small when he was younger, and he had single eyelids, which is common among South Koreans.

The Korean actor’s mild double eyelids now allow him to appear more expressive, which is actually beneficial to his job as an actor.

If you compare his graduation images to his current photos, you’ll see a significant difference in his eyes. His single eyelid was surgically altered to give him the popular double eyelid look that so many South Korean celebrities have.

His double eyelids now help him appear more expressive, which is a requirement for actors like him. If he did undergo plastic surgery, it’s one of the many reasons why he’s cuter and more appealing to the majority of people. Take a look at his before-and-after shots!

  • Jaw Surgery

Lee Jong Suk Get Plastic Surgery

Fans, on the other hand, deny that Jong Suk underwent jaw surgery. They attribute his jawline’s contouring to makeup, editing, or simply knowing how to photograph himself effectively.

However, as seen in this before photo, the Korean actor used to have a fuller face shape. However, his sculpted chin could also be the effect of weight loss.

Fans have also speculated that he may have undergone chin implants, altering and correcting his facial contour. However, I don’t see any proof in this case.

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