Kyrie Irving’s measurements (6-1 ¾ without shoes, 6-4 wingspan, 8-3 standing reach, 191 pounds) didn’t quite live up to the ridiculous standard set by John Wall (6-2 ¾ without shoes, 6-9 ¼ wingspan) last season, and falls a bit short of Derrick Rose (6-1 ½ without shoes, 6-8 wingspan) and Russell Westbrook (6-2 ¼ without shoes, 6-7 ¾ wingspan) in terms of wingspan. However, he has the same height and standing reach as Deron Williams (6′ 1.75″ without shoes, 8-2 standing reach, 6-6 ¼ wingspan) and the same length as Chris Paul (5-11 ¾ without shoes, 6-4 ¼ wingspan, 7-9 standing reach), to put those comparisons in perspective.
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