KonoSuba Season 3: Everything You Need To Know


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Konosuba is a fantastic comedy fantasy Isekai Anime series based on a Japanese light novel of the same name, the story follows a Chinese shading name Kosuma Soto who is isekai’d into another world where he meets Aqua Megumi and darkness and together they must defeat the demon lord, the anime has two seasons so far along with the movie called Konasuba legend of Crimson, now the news you all been eagerly waiting for, it was officially announced on July 18 of 2021 as part of a live stream event that Konasuba is getting a new Anime which most likely means Season 3.

Konasuba season 2 God’s blessing on this wonderful world is hands down impressive is funny clever and right up the alley of everything Kono Suma.

KonoSuba Season 3 Everything We Know So Far 

KonoSuba God’s Blessing on this wonderful world revolves around a boy Kazuma Sato a young boy who dies from a heart attack after saving a girl from an oncoming truck. after the death the boy is sent to a fantasy world that of a role-playing game (RPG), where he forms a dysfunctional party including goddess Aqua, magician Megumin, and knight Darkness.

The first two seasons and film covered the first five volumes of the light novel series, the novel series features a unique plot and illusion by Kurone Mishima.

Kazuma rewarded money as news of his victories against the Devil King spread and living comfortably. This soon flickers interest from The Crown, with Princess Iris enlisting his help to seize The Chivalrous Thief Chris who has plundered the empire’s wealth.

However a skirmish with the Devil King’s army ends in tragedy, and Kazuma is exiled in disgrace and separated from his trusted party. The rebirth former gamer will then have to clear his name – and uncover a far-reaching royal plot while he’s at it…

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Konosuba Season 3 Release date

So far, there are two seasons of the Konosuba anime, the first season was aired in 2016 and has 10 episodes, the second season of Konosuba was from 2017 and has ten episodes, There are also two OVAs and a movie.

Unfortunately, Kodoka has yet to announce when Konasuba season 3 will be released so there is no countdown yet however most likely release date is either January of 2022 or April 2022.

KonoSuba Season 3 Release Date
KonoSuba Season 3 Release Date
Volumes English Release Date
Volume 1 February 21, 2017
Volume 2 April 18, 2017
Volume 3 August 22, 2017
Volume 4 December 12, 2017
Volume 5 April 24, 2018
Volume 6 August 21, 2018
Volume 7 December 11, 2018
Volume 8 April 23, 2019
Volume 9 August 27, 2019
Volume 10 December 17, 2019
Volume 11 April 28, 2020
Volume 12 October 20, 2020
Volume 13 February 23, 2021
Volume 14 June 22, 2021
Volume 15 October 26, 2021
Volume 16 April 19, 2022
Volume 17 July 19, 2022

Konosuba Characters, Cast and Anime Staff 

I. Characters & Cast

Character Voice Actor
Kazuma Jun Fukushima
Aqua Sora Amamiya
Megumin Rie Takahashi
Darkness Ai Kayano
Wiz Yui Horie
Yunyun Aki Toyosaki

II. Anime Staff

Anime Staff Position Staff
Director Takaomi Kanasaki
Series Composition, Script Makoto Uezu
Character Design Kouichi Kikuta
Studio Deen, J.C.Staff

Konosuba Season 3 Trailer

There is no trailer for Konosuba season 3 released yet, but we will update you once is officially released.

Here’s a trailer for KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson film from Kadokawa,  Meanwhile you can watch the season 2 trailer if you haven’t already.



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Facts and Comments of fans

Let’s check out some comments of the viewers what are their thoughts about KonoSuba Season 3

I’m pretty sure there will be a season 3, they haven’t defeated the devil king yet.

The author was very busy recently with other shows so it’s not coming soon

Just note that there are examples of anime having long times between seasons. Two I can think of are Blue Exorcist and Log Horizon.

Well, first of let me say that I think getting season 3 is inevitable whether it’s 2021 or 2050 lol.

The thing is though Kadokawa is pretty packed with the other isekai projects like the second half of re: zero S2 (which I recommend btw) S2 and S3 of Shield hero and S3(maybe 4?) of isekai quartet. So I think it’s unlikely for us to get anything new on the konosuba front in 2021, except maybe a confirmation on S3 or another movie? But that’s a big IF

Final Words

Well, that’s all about it, hope it helped you, That is everything you need to know about KonoSuba Season 3 in 2022, Let’s hope for the best and wait! for the confirmed release date I hope you enjoyed this article. Thanks a lot for reading it.

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