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Zhao’s army, headed by Kohaku, is unable to reach Denrimi as planned. Kohaku assumes a supporting role and creates room for Ryuhaku‘s squad in Plan B.

Kanki is the next objective for the Zhao army. A surprising obstacle, though, stands in their way. Everything you need to know about Kingdom Chapter 707 can be found here.

In this fictitious account of the Warring States era, the manga recounts the adventures of war orphan Shin. As he strives to become the greatest general and unify China for the first time in 500 years, the story revolves around Shin and his allies.

Recap of Kingdom Chapter 706

  • The Zhao army, headed by Ryuhaku and Kohaku, made a frontal assault in the previous chapter.
  • Outside the castle, each of them had 300 cavalry under their command.
  • Kohaku is adamant that his army will not return to the castle and vows to fight till the end.
  • After Denrimi, they will proceed to Kanki to avenge Kochou’s death, he tells the group. Shun Sui Ju reaches out to Kohaku before they go.
  • Shun Sui Ju allows the charge, but one that will not be suicidal, in a flashback sequence. Kohaku retaliates by saying that he will not accept such an order, and he slams the door shut.
  • Shun Sui Ju returns to the current day to wish Kohaku and his crew well on their journey.
  • After seeing the soldiers fleeing the castle, Ten remarks that the Ousen army isn’t equipped to deal with an attack of that magnitude. The Hi Shin Unit concurs. Denrimi is on their radar, and she warns them that it’s a hazardous situation.
  • If the gates did really close behind them, as Shin wonders, that indicates they aren’t planning on going back and are prepared to die in the open air. Ten agrees.Kingdom Chapter 707

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  • Relentless Zhao soldiers have defeated the Ousen army’s efforts to halt them. It is too late for Denrimi’s soldiers to flee thus they should meet the enemy head-on instead of being slaughtered from behind.
  • As Zhao’s army nears Denrimi, Ousen’s battalion launches an attack. Forgiveness from Denrimi is met with the understanding of Ousen, who explains to Denrimi he is OK and that it would be irritating if any surviving soldiers from Kochou’s army remain.
  • Denrimi tells his soldiers to annihilate them completely. The party led by Shun Sui Ju has come to the realization that their assault on Denrimi has failed because of Ousen.
  • We next see a flashback sequence in which Shun Sui Ju informs Kohaku that a suicidal charge will only be permitted as a valid tactic if it is successful in eliminating Denrimi.
  • However, they are limited to a total of 300 per person. Shun Sui Ju refuses to authorise a suicidal charge, and Kohaku refuses to listen to Shun Sui Ju’s pleas.
  • Afterward, Shun Sui Ju informs him that if the Denrimi assault plan fails, they should target Kanki instead. If everything else fails, they must flee the conflict and hope to live.
  • In Kohaku’s opinion, succumbing to suicide is tantamount to running away, whereas in Shun Sui Ju’s opinion, if they wish to exact vengeance on Kanki for the deaths of their loved ones, they should make every effort to live.
  • Infuriated, Kohaku wonders what Shun Sui Ju, a native of the North, could possibly know about the Kochou army. If they die without Kanki, says Shun Sui Ju, it will be a pointless death.
  • For now, Kohaku orders his men to retire so that his unit may serve as a reserve while Ryukaku’s army takes the lead. The army of Ousen makes an effort to halt them.
  • On the orders of Ryuhaku, they retreat from the Ousen army and move toward their true objective. The Hi Shin Unit confronts the Ryuhaku unit as they approach Kanki’s HQ. His apology is sincere but the situation cannot be allowed to continue beyond that point.

Spoilers of Kingdom Chapter 707

Kingdom Chapter 707’s Korean raw scans may be found here. In an attempt to get past Ryuhaku and halt Shin, both he and the Hi Shin Unit charge at each other.

The Hi Shin Unit blocks Ryuhaku’s path and calls him an idiot for thinking he’d be able to easily let them through. As a result, Shin instructs the others to depart from Ryuhaku and leave him to his own devices.

The Ryuhaku unit has stopped just in front of the Kanki Army HQ, which Kohaku and his troops see. Kohaku recognizes the Hi Shin Unit flag as the one that destroyed Eikyuu’s Gakuhakukou when he sees it. He devises a scheme to divert the Hi Shin Unit so that the Ryuhaku unit may move near Kanki.

It becomes apparent to Shun Sui Ju and his troops that the two battalions sent out have dwindled in size. Shun Sui Ju dispels the soldier’s fears that this is the end of the line.

They give it their best as the Hi Shin Unit is busy taking care of their own men. It is imperative that they keep the Hi Shin Unit occupied while they give over the reins to Ryuhaku and his team.

Despite having a greater force at their disposal, the Hi Shin Unit appears to be floundering. In addition, Rei claims that her sword is heavier than usual. He says that happens when there is a reluctance to get into the priestess dance. Then, Rei orders her sword to put it all back together for her.

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Ryuhaku’s path is carved out by the Kohaku unit, and Kohaku urges him to kill Kanki in retaliation for Kochou’s destruction. In response to Ryuhaku’s compliments, Kohaku said it has been an honour.

Shin chooses to pursue Ryuhaku and leaves the region to En-san after Ryuhaku passes via the path the Kohaku unit created. It is unclear to Rei why Shin is helping Kanki and he argues that Shin being singled out for assassination is a good thing.

While Shin agrees, Kyoukai responds, “We can’t let it happen.” After that, Rei comes out and says she wants to be a part of it as well.

Ryuhaku can see Kanki and Kokuou’s warriors firing arrows at him from a distance of only a few feet away. Following their shooting, the Ryuhaku squad continues on and Marron sends his clan, the Zuma, after them. Since he’s the one who enslaved Raido, Kokuou tells them to catch the commander while he’s still alive.

Marron is of the opinion that the present moment is inappropriate. Ryuhaku refuses to give up, claiming that Kanki misjudged his abilities. In response to Kokuou’s assertion that it should be their line, Marron orders Kanki to depart.

Kanki comes and Ryuhaku swings at Shin and asks him how long he’s going to keep obstructing his progress.

When Shin is about to take him out, Kokuou tells Shin not to kill him so they may do the same thing they did to Raido. Shin agrees. The Zhao team is taken completely by surprise as Shin manages to take out Ryuhaku. Kyoukai notes that Shin is still reeling from the traumatic experience.

Kingdom Chapter 707 Release Date 

Kingdom Chapter 707 was released on Sunday, January 30, 2022.

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