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King County Detective Shot Injured During Eviction Notice

King County Detective Shot

King County Detective Shot

SEATTLE— A King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) detective receives treatment at Harborview Medical Center after being shot on Monday morning while issuing an eviction notice.

According to a press statement from the Independent Force Investigation Team, three KCSO detectives were delivering an eviction notice to a home in Seattle’s Ballard district just before 9:30 a.m. (IFIT).

A KCSO deputy was shot after approaching the 29-year-old residence and exchanging firearms. The resident of the Gilman Park Apartments barricaded themselves inside the house.

Afterward, the resident’s body was discovered inside. After the wounded deputy was taken to the hospital, Harborview Medical Center informed KING 5 that the detective’s condition was critical. The deputy was transported to the ICU.

The deputy appeared to be in “good spirits” and “communicative” while being transported to the hospital, according to Meeghan Black, an IFIT representative, who stated that the officer was in stable condition as of 2:30 p.m.

Black said that the deputy was shot in the upper torso. The deputy’s ballistics vest did not shield him from the gunshot.

Around 25 years have passed since the injured deputy joined the sheriff’s department. The two additional deputies worked for the sheriff’s office for 24 and 26 years.

According to Black, two out of the three deputies discharged their firearms. On Monday morning, numerous streets in the neighborhood were closed for a considerable amount of time due to a significant police response in the vicinity of the incident.

“Pop, pop, pop, and then there was a pause and then it was another pop, pop, pop,” said Brian Smith. Smith is working on a construction project just a few blocks from the shooting scene.

“I thought it was from that big job site,Smith said. “We went up on the roof, and then suddenly, cops just started showing up.”

A friend of the resident who was found dead said they “barricaded themselves in their apartment because they owed $13,000 in back rent and had exhausted all legal options.”

The following news is similar to the one you just read:

The friend stated they arrived immediately to assist with the eviction procedure but declined to provide their name to KING 5.  “Despair. I feel a lot of guilt. I feel like I could have done more.”

Deputies were attempting to deliver the final notice on Monday, according to Black, who noted that the eviction procedure started in January.

Unknown at this time is whether deputies shot the resident or whether the wound came from a self-inflicted gunshot. This week, there will probably be at least one informational update from the investigators.

Black added that after the injured deputy has recovered from surgery, one of the following steps will be to meet with him to find out precisely what transpired.

She said there is a standard process for the investigation.

“They lock down the scene immediately,” Black said. “They take the individuals who were involved, and they separate them, and they wait until they can be interviewed separately, and so that’s where we are at this point. We have to go back through and figure out how many bullets were fired, from which guns and where, and then they have to process that and figure that out, ok, ‘How did that happen?’”

According to the national Fraternal Order of Police, 65 policemen had been shot during duty as of March 7 this year, a 33% rise from 2021. Eight of those officers were shot and died.

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