Kimberly Ann Vadala, Colin Cowherd Ex Wife Wiki And Main Reason Behind Their Divorce

kimberly ann vadala wiki

Kimberly Ann Vadala, a Caucasian model and fitness diva, was born on an unknown day at an unknown location in the United States. It doesn’t matter what she’s accomplished in her professional life; she’s most recognized for being the ex-wife of Fox Sports Radio and Fox Sports 1 broadcaster Colin Cowherd, who is the voice of “The Herd.” Since an indeterminate date, she has enjoyed a number of her own triumphs as a well-paid model.

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Early Life and Education

Kimberly was raised by parents whose identities and occupations are still a mystery in the town where she was born. She appears to be the lone child in her family. According to official sources, little is known about her early hobbies, although it is widely accepted that she had a strong desire to be a model at some point in her life. In terms of her formal education, she first attended a local high school in her hometown of birth, from which she eventually graduated. Finally, she enrolled in an unidentified college, where she graduated from in economics on an undetermined date, after which she went on to work as an economist.kimberly ann vadala wiki


With a degree in journalism or business management, Kimberly Ann was hoped to find work immediately after graduating. The pursuit of these objectives did not go quite as well for her as she had hoped, so she began to develop an interest in alternative careers, such as a personal trainer and yoga instructor.

Once she started working out every day, she gained a following and regular clients, which helped pave the road for her professional success. She also started modeling at some time, although no precise date can be pinpointed because there isn’t enough information accessible from reliable sources on this topic. As far as we know, Kimberly is still an active model and fitness aficionado.

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Main Reason Behind Their Divorce

In terms of her earlier romantic relationships, there is very little material available from trustworthy sources that can adequately explain this phase of her life. When she started dating Colin Cowherd in 1994, they decided to be married in a private ceremony after two years of dating. They have two children, whose names and dates of birth are a mystery. They divorced in 2007 for unclear personal reasons, and Kimberly was awarded custody of both children, who currently reside with her.

About three years following the finalization of Colin’s divorce, he married Ann Cowherd. He and Ann do not have any children at this time. As of late, Kimberly hasn’t attended any gatherings with men, and her social media accounts don’t reveal any hints that she has a partner. Furthermore, she has been the subject of no controversy. Kimberly appears to be single based on the information given, or the lack thereof.

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Kimberly Ann Vadala’s Net Worth

How much money does Kimberly Ann Vadala have in the bank right now? While Kimberly Ann’s net worth is believed to be in the range of $200,000 to $300,000, her ex-fortune husband’s is reported to be in the neighborhood of $14 million, according to many reliable sources. As her career progresses, she’ll be able to earn even more money from her appearance and fitness abilities for private clientele and brand names.

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