Keys To Winning At Blackjack Table

Keys To Winning At Blackjack Table

Blackjack game has been a staple for casinos since its inception. Although this game is centuries old, its popularity doesn’t seem to slow down — Players continue to flock to the Blackjack table from all around the world.

Yet, despite the game’s popularity, and its integral part in the current “gambling show”, most players play poorly and lose much more than they are prepared for. This is because they don’t understand the basics of the game and play with only trendy strategies. This has created a misunderstanding that playing Blackjack is better than throwing your money.

However, what if we say that is a simple process that could help you win more often in Blackjack?

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the top Blackjack winning tips. These tips are formulated by world-renowned professionals. So, you can be sure of its credibility. The tips apply also for the players that want to enjoy of a casino online, If this is the case, please remember to choose only a legal casino online in order not to be banned.

Use Basic Blackjack Strategy

When you are sitting at a crowded Blackjack table, the other players and spectators will try to give you free advice or scorn you for making mistakes. You must focus and ignore what others are saying about your strategies. It is you who is sitting at the table, and your money is at stake. That means it is you who must make a decision.

Instead of listening to the others, why not just play the Blackjack games by the book? If you are using the book strategy, no one will question your moves. In fact, they will shower their support and will be encouraged to move forward.

Most casinos sell basic strategy cards in their gift shops and have no problem when you consult your chart with the dealer before making your decision.

With the basic strategy cad, no matter whether you stand, hit or double down. A basic strategy card has done all the calculations for you. You will immediately see the results once you start seeing the basic card strategy.

Look For The Right Table Rules

When you are looking at the blackjack rules, most people know enough to at least ask whether the table is 3-2 or 6-5. Knowing the table rules are important. This is because 3-2 table rules offer a better game than 6-5.

Casinos are always looking for ways to tweak and change the rules to their advantage. Knowing these small rules will help you develop better strategies to win Blackjack games.

When you are playing Blackjack in any event or specialty party pit, be sure to know the rules. These events have bad rules with complex small hidden rules. The whole attraction of this type of game is dealers and not the game.

It is better that you avoid taking part in such a game and remain only a spectator.

Try Betting System

The final tip that we will share with you is the Betting System. It is one of the tips that never gets taken advantage of. The betting system doesn’t take any negative expected value bet and turns it into a positive expected value bet.

Most of these systems are easy to understand, so you don’t need any Blackjack card to find the specific rules.

If you are using the betting system, you need to be aware of the positive/negative betting progression, and everything that comes in between.

One of the strategies in between positive and negative progression strategies is the ‘use of half of a unit press strategy’. This method involves locking half of your winning amount and betting again. This allows you to bet more on each hand while locking some profits along the way.

Know Your Limits & Play Smart

Remember that playing Blackjack table is not a video game, and you are not playing with virtual gaming currencies. This is real money and the cash that you have worked hard to earn.

It is important that you place a limit. The limit needs to be on both your profit and loss. This will help you make better decisions if you know that even after everything falls apart, you are not losing more than a set limit.

Decide In Advance What You Are Willing To Risk

A good rule to start playing Blackjack is that you are aware of what you are willing to risk. Don’t go all in with all your chips. The best bet is to start with 20% of what you have and see how the game unfolds itself.

If you are winning the game or find yourself in a position where you can make some profit, continue playing. However, if you lose all your chips in the first round, it is advisable that you look for a different table.

Remember, it is you who decides how long you will play. Therefore, you should quit the game if you have reached a pre-set level or you don’t find yourself enjoying the game anymore.


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