Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg's New Comedy Movie Is Netflix's #1 After 24 Hours
Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg's New Comedy Movie Is Netflix's #1 After 24 Hours

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg’s New Comedy Movie Is Netflix’s #1 After 24 Hours

Here you will read about reviews of Kevin Hart new movie. Netflix’s most-watched list is something we keep a close eye on, as it gives us a glimpse into the tastes of the streaming service’s user base as a whole. And now, after only 24 hours of being released, a completely new movie has captured our eye: Me Time.

As expected, the Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg comedy that debuted on Netflix on Friday, August 26 is currently the service’s most-watched title. Considering it beat out other significant new releases on the streaming service, such as the vampire movie Day Shift starring Jamie Foxx and the romantic comedy Look Both Ways starring Lili Reinhart, this is no small accomplishment. Watch the Me Time movie trailer down below!

A stay-at-home dad named Sonny (Hart) finally gets some time to himself while his family goes on vacation, as seen in the movie’s promotional trailer. Sonny is in the midst of a crazy and potentially disastrous birthday weekend when his old friend Huck (Wahlberg) comes rushing back into his life.

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg
Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg

In the clip, Sonny’s friend Alan (Andrew Santino) comments, “Every parent’s ambition is to spend a week without their family.” Sonny, however, does not get the tranquil weekend he had planned on.

Me Time also includes Regina Hall (Girls Trip) as Sonny’s hardworking wife, as well as Jimmy O. Yang (Space Force), Luis Gerardo Méndez (Club de Cuervos), John Amos (Good Times), and others in addition to Hart, Wahlberg, and Santino.

John Hamburg, whose credits also include Along Came Polly, I Love You, Man, and Why Him?, wrote, directed, and produced Me Time. Hart, along with Bryan Smiley, was credited as a producer on the picture.

Seems like we’ll have to take a look at it when we have some time to ourselves.

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