Keshia Knight Pregnant
Keshia Knight Pregnant

Keshia Knight Pregnant: Expecting Second Baby With Brad James!

Keshia Knight Pregnant: Brad James and Keshia Knight Pulliam eagerly anticipate the upcoming holiday season. The pair will also welcome a fourth family member in the new year and celebrate the imminent release of their Lifetime movie, New Orleans Noel.

When Pulliam was asked how she felt about the wonderful new development in their lives, she admitted that she was “quite pregnant” but “glad.” She continued, “[I’m] enjoying every moment.” “Oh, I know I have heartburn, but it’s OK,” you say when it’s the last one. James praised his wife, saying, “She’s doing pretty well; she’s been prepared for this long before we did get pregnant.” “So she’s prepared,”

Pulliam shared a video on Instagram on Thursday with the caption, “Baby James arriving 2023,” to reveal that she was expecting a child. It is the first kid for the couple, who got married in September of last year, and Pulliam’s second child; she already has a daughter named Ella, who is five years old, with her ex-husband, NFL splendid Ed Hartwell.

According to Pulliam and James, Ella is reportedly already in full big sister mode and even more thrilled now that the family has announced the news to the public. Pulliam said, “She is going to be a great big sister,” she was excited. “She’s been aware of it since the beginning, so she did extremely well by keeping the secret! Ella will now ask, “Do they know about the baby? Can I tell them?” because I told her, “Listen, you cannot tell anybody.” She is now free to inform everyone as she pleases.”

Keshia Knight Pregnant
Keshia Knight Pregnant

The 2019 Lifetime film Pride & Prejudice: Atlanta set is where the New Orleans Noel co-stars originally connected, creating a lovely full-circle moment. Even though they were portraying a brother and sister, a relationship was sparked behind the scenes. Prior to exchanging vows last year, they became engaged in December 2020. For Lifetime’s newest Christmas movie, they are now starring opposite one another once more, but this time they get to fall in love.

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Grace Hill and Anthony Brown, a couple who studied design together in college but couldn’t be more dissimilar, are portrayed by Pulliam and James. However, when they are both recruited to build on Loretta Brown’s (Patti LaBelle) home, a New Orleans praline institution, the two find themselves forced to work together over Christmas and at odds over issues other than just design.

We had a lot of fun with this, Pulliam said. “That is one of the delights of doing a movie with your husband and truly loving and enjoying your husband.” “It was wonderful because we enjoy any chance to collaborate, whether it’s on screen, whether one is producing or directing or anything. Undoubtedly, it was a family affair! Ella makes a brief appearance in this. She is quite enthusiastic about it, so we had a great time.”

Jim continued, “It’s a lovely story that was filmed in a lovely place with a vibrant culture. They have a resilient past that is ingrained in their culture, and it’s a unique vacation spot where people can fall in love. You get to fall in love with the mood, the music, and the ambiance as well as Grace and Anthony and their trip through pralines and architecture. It eventually becomes layered, much like a cake.”

The duo admits that while they enjoyed working together, performing with LaBelle was the real magic, which attracted a lot of fans who came to their set to wow the singer with their interpretation of her songs. Nobody is Patti but Patti, Pulliam recalls. “We had folks come up and — bless their souls. They gave it their best attempt. “People would physically sit [down] and sing their hearts out for us on the street, off-key.”

James said, “She was quite kind about it,” and Pulliam concurred, saying LaBelle was “very kind and so supportive” of the outspoken fans.

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