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Keke Palmer Boyfriend: Palmer’s Partner Under Fire for Fashion Commentary!

Keke Palmer Boyfriend

Keke Palmer Boyfriend

Darius Jackson, Keke Palmer’s boyfriend, is receiving backlash on social media after criticizing the “Nope” actress’ attire. Palmer, 29, showed up to Usher’s residency in Las Vegas on Wednesday wearing a sheer dress over a black bodysuit.

Usher may be seen serenading Palmer in a video on social media while singing his song “There Goes My Baby.” The pair hugged and moved to the music as he sang. Palmer, a different vocalist, also made a brief appearance on stage.

Keke Palmer Boyfriend

Palmer’s partner and their son Leodis’ response to the video on Twitter was, “It’s the outfit tho.. you a mom,” about Palmer’s appearance.

Jackson was quickly mentioned in the comments on social media. One admirer tweeted, “Don’t date a baddie if you’re gonna be this insecure.” Someone replied, “Not you jealous of your baby mother ! You right , she’s a mom NOT A WIFE !!!!!”

In response, Jackson reiterated his position, writing in a later tweet, “We live in a generation where a man of the family doesn’t want the wife & mother to his kids to showcase booty cheeks to please others & he gets told how much of a hater he is.”

He said, “This is my family and my representation.” “I have principles and standards that guide my beliefs. I’ve made my case. “Palmer’s supporter tweeted, “So- she’s a new mom?? And? She looks SO great and is having a great time and not even doing too much.”

“Instead of being dope & gassing new mama having fun, you chose to try & check her with a gossip blog quote, in front of the world? Why did you feel compelled to do such a thing?” the fan added.

Palmer has not yet responded to Jackson’s remarks in the media. But on Wednesday night, she did share her attire on Instagram. The multihyphenate captioned her post, “I wish I had taken more pictures but we were running late!”

To learn more about the spouses of other famous people, read the posts we’ve included below:

“I am telling y’all right now, if you haven’t seen @usher YOU MUST GO!! HE WAS SO FABULOUS!! Giving theater, Atlanta downnn, tips and tricks and just absolutely iconic. I was truly inspired as a performer,” Palmer continued.

“The Big Boss!! Thank U for coming,” Usher exclaimed. Leodis Palmer and Jackson were born in February, and Palmer and Jackson shared the news on Instagram.

Palmer posted videos and pictures of her infant boy and hilarious commentary on being a new parent, including the Drake allusion, “I’m not hiding the world from my son, I’m hiding my son from the world.”

“Born during Black History Month, with a name to match! Leodis Andrellton Jackson,” Palmer wrote. “Welcome to the world baby Leo.”

The “Alice” actress initially revealed she was pregnant in front of a large crowd while hosting “Saturday Night Live” in December, following rumours from a few of her social media fans.

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