Karen Pirie Season 2 Release Date
Karen Pirie Season 2 Release Date

Karen Pirie Season 2 Release Date: When Would the Show Air on ITV?

Karen Pirie Season 2 Release Date: Although all of the episodes of ITV’s most recent detective drama, Karen Pirie, are now accessible on ITV Hub, those viewers who have binge-watched them are already clamoring for more. The series follows Karen, a “young and fearless Scottish investigator with a quick mouth and tenacious desire for the truth” in Fife.

Since Val McDermid wrote several novels that served as the basis for the series, there is still a wealth of material from which the creative team can draw when coming up with new episodes. Can we anticipate seeing more of the young investigator when her first case from season 1 is finished? Continue reading for all the information you require about Karen Pirie season 2.

When is the Karen Pirie Season 2 Release Date on ITV?

It isn’t easy to pinpoint a specific release date for a second season on ITV without knowing when the show has been formally recommissioned. In our opinion, the earliest season 2 may be released would be in a year, in the fall of 2023. It might arrive later than that, though, and we’ll update this page as soon as we learn more.

Has Karen Pirie been Recommissioned for Season 2?

Season 2 of Karen Pirie has not yet been ordered, but executive producer Simon Heath noted that the entire cast and crew “have our fingers firmly crossed.” As the show’s scriptwriter Emer Kenny put it, it will “ultimately depend on how well the audience responds to the first season.”

There is still plenty of time for a season 2 official announcement, as season 1 has only recently made its ITV premiere. As new information becomes available, we’ll update this page.

What Would the Plot of Karen Pirie Season 2 Be?

A Darker Domain, the second book in Val McDermid’s book series, will probably be the main subject of Karen Pirie season 2.

The book’s blurb says:25 years ago, a woman and her baby son were kidnapped and held to ransom. Catriona Grant died, and little Adam’s fate remained a mystery. When a new clue is discovered in a deserted Tuscan villa – along with grisly evidence of a recent murder – cold case expert DI Karen Pirie is assigned to follow the trail.”

Karen Pirie Season 2 Release Date
Karen Pirie Season 2 Release Date

“She’s already working on a case from the same year. During the Miners’ Strike of 1984, pit worker Mick Prentice vanished. Where did he go? And is there a link to the Grant mystery? The truth is stranger – and far darker – than fiction.”

She continued: “You want to make sure what you’re doing feels like you should be making it now, that you’re not just making it because it’s the next book in the series. You’re working out why this should be on TV in 2023 or 2024, whenever it comes out – so yeah, we’ve been looking at them and talking about what will work.”

Who Would Be Back for Season 2?

Lauren Lyle will undoubtedly be returning if the show does come back. Lyle has stated that if she had the option, she would have “signed off season 2 straight away,” adding, “We didn’t want to leave the set!”

She said: “I think there’s much more to be done. The books are phenomenal. The next one is partially set in Tuscany, so why would we not want to do that?! But yes, she’s my favorite character I’ve ever played and the one I’ve felt most trusted with. I’ve had a lot of creative control, which is so cool. I feel we could go again if we are permitted.”

Chris Jenks as DC Jason Murray is also likely to return, while Zach Wyatt has expressed a desire to play Phil again because he “definitely has a lot more to offer.” Additionally, we would anticipate seeing River, a friend of Karen’s, played by the show’s writer Kenny.

Although it seems less likely, Rakhee Thakrar could return as Bel, so it’s not entirely impossible. The whole cast of Karen Pirie, which we anticipate could return for season 2, is listed below:

  • Lauren Lyle as DS Karen Pirie
  • Chris Jenks as DC Jason Murray
  • Zach Wyatt as DS Phil Parhatka
  • Emer Kenny as River Wilde
  • Steve John Shepherd as DI Simon Lees

Is There a Trailer for Karen Pirie Season 2?

Season 2 of Karen Pirie doesn’t yet have a trailer, but we’ll update this page as soon as it does. Right now, you may revisit the season 1 trailer here.


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