Near Kamala Harris House, Migrants Were Abandoned As Temperatures Hit Record Lows
Near Kamala Harris House, Migrants Were Abandoned As Temperatures Hit Record Lows

Near Kamala Harris House, Migrants Were Abandoned As Temperatures Hit Record Lows

In temperatures that broke records on Christmas Eve, three buses carrying recently immigrated families from Texas arrived in the neighborhood where Vice President Kamala Harris lives.

The Texas authorities have not stated that they were involved in the bus drop-offs. Still, these acts are consistent with those taken in the past by governors of border states to bring attention to the immigration policy of the Biden administration.

According to Tatiana Laborde, managing director of SAMU First Response, a relief organization that is working with the city of Washington to serve thousands of migrants who have been dropped off in recent months, the buses that arrived late Saturday outside the residence of the vice president were carrying approximately 110 to 130 people.

According to Laborde, local organizers were under the impression that the buses would arrive on Sunday. Still, they learned on Saturday that the group would be in Washington earlier than expected. There were some very young children among the passengers.

Even though the temperature was hovering about 15 degrees Fahrenheit, some wore T-shirts. According to the Washington Post, Christmas Eve in the nation’s capital was marked by the city’s record-low temperature.

Near Kamala Harris House, Migrants Were Abandoned As Temperatures Hit Record Lows
Near Kamala Harris House, Migrants Were Abandoned As Temperatures Hit Record Lows

According to Laborde, workers were prepared with blankets for the people who arrived on Christmas Eve and promptly placed them onto buses waiting to transport them to a local church. A meal and breakfast were provided courtesy of a local restaurant company.

The vast majority of those that arrived were en route to other locations and planned to spend only a short amount of time in Washington. A request for comment was sent to the office of Governor Greg Abbott on Sunday morning, but no response was given. His office reported last week that since April, the state of Texas had provided bus trips to more than 15,000 individuals to travel to the following cities: Washington, New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Republican Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona and Texas Governor Greg Abbott are outspoken critics of President Joe Biden’s handling of the situation at the United States-Mexico border, which sees thousands of people attempting to cross every day, with many of them doing so in the hopes of receiving asylum. Officials on both sides of the border are making urgent appeals for assistance in establishing shelters and providing services for migrants, some of whom are already sleeping on the streets.

The Republicans contend that Biden and Harris, appointed by the administration as the point person on the fundamental causes of migration, have loosened constraints that prompted many individuals to leave the countries from which they originated.

Some of the policies implemented by former President Donald Trump, whose administration also struggled with increases in the number of people illegally crossing the border and, at one point, separated immigrant families and children as part of a deterrence initiative, have been maintained by Vice President Joe Biden.

The bus drop-offs were described as a “cruel, hazardous, and disgusting ploy” by a spokeswoman for the White House named Abdullah Hasan. In a statement released on Sunday, Hasan said, “As we have repeatedly said, we are willing to work with anyone — Republican or Democrat alike — on real solutions, such as the comprehensive immigration reform and border security measures President Biden sent to Congress on his first day in office,” but that “these political games accomplish nothing and only put lives in danger.”

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