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Kamala Harris’ Chances For The 2024 Campaign Aren’t Ringing Too Many Alarm Bells

Vice President Kamala Harris, has been in the news for the various engagements she has been hosting with and without President Biden, and also the brief assumption of Presidential powers as the President went for a colposcopy check-up recently.

]However the most interesting piece surrounding Harris was the rays of discontentment beaming in the West Wing, where statements were heard that there are differences between the two top office holders. They also alleged the possibility of dissatisfaction of the Vice President with regard to the roles she has been assuming lately as ‘comparatively unimportant’.

Dismissing these rumors Kamala Harris did address these questions and told the media about her important roles. Regarding the feeling of being ‘misused or misunderstood’ she stated, “No, I don’t. I’m very, very excited about the work that we have accomplished but I am also absolutely, absolutely clear-eyed that there is a lot more to do and we’re going to get it done.”

Even as the likelihood of President Biden returning to power in 2024 is fading, a chance that seemingly interests Harris is not going to be an easy one, especially because of her not so great performance in the primaries of the last elections. The Vice President even denied the discussion being on the table yet with President Biden.

She has currently been busy with her roles sorting out the “U.S.–Mexico Border Dispute”, as she tries to address the root cause of migrations there. The problem is described as complex and would be a lengthy process. Stating the importance of the issue, the Vice President said, “The reality is that we inherited a system, an immigration system, that was deeply broken, and it’s requiring us to actually put it back together in terms of creating a fair … process that is effective and efficient.”

Discussing about other roles that are keeping her currently occupied in the West Wing were the issues of fixing the Supply Chain problems, and controlling the cost of everyday good for the Americans.

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All in all the indication was that the Vice President is occupied with important tasks at hand, and is happy to serve her role. The future prospects aren’t scaring of other democrats, as that of a tough fight given her previous performances.
It is not very likely that she would emerge as an unopposed candidate for the Democrats due to her performance numbers. However, opinions are subject to change as it is a long shot to call as of now.

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