Kamala Harris’ Ambitious Road Ahead Has Many Potholes

Kamala Harris’ Ambitious Road Ahead Has Many Potholes

Kamala Harris and Biden’s friendship was seen from the beginning of their run. However, it has seemed to be fuelled out, as discontent between the White House’s top position keeps on growing. Since taking charge as Vice President, her diplomatic trips and involvements haven’t shown much extra-ordinary leadership, which could see her being groomed by the President for the future run of the Democrats. The air rather has a distinct smell of caution and distrust.

It was also reported recently that Harris did not attend most meetings conducted by the President for the smooth sailing of the Trillion Dollar plus Infrastructure Bill. The two opinions whispered in the corridors are in favor of one each.

The first group believes that the President is purposely tying doing the Vice President in inconsequential deals, where hope is lost, to negotiate. One such example is the Mexico border dispute and immigrant crisis at the border. She is not being given real work which would put her caliber to the test, and her opinions to voice.

Eleni Kounalakis, the lieutenant governor of California and a longtime friend of Harris, confirmed there is irritation and said to the media, “It is natural that those of us who know her know how much more help she can be than she is currently being asked to be.” Many of those who function closely to her, believe that she is deliberately being sidelined, and constrained from doing political good.

This especially hampers her career path ahead, which obviously seems to be for aspiring for a higher office than what she is currently holding, should the President not be running for it by retiring in 2024.

However, the other faction of the democrats believes that it was her failure to ask for real tasks in order not to seem a disloyal member of the Biden Administration, aiming at only personal gains. Many say that she lacks focus, and clear decisive leadership which can bring results. This mushrooms many potential candidates for the next year’s run within the party creating a divide.

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Luckily at hand, the Democrats already have a deteriorating situation whereby the approval ratings of the President are falling and that requires all the attention and focus. They can focus on taking care of internal politics later on.

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