Does Justin Bieber's face have Ramsay Hunt syndrome
Does Justin Bieber's face have Ramsay Hunt syndrome?

Does Justin Bieber’s Face have Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?

Here we will read about Justin Bieber face condition: Pop sensation Justin Bieber has revealed that a viral ailment called Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox and shingles, has left him with a partially paralyzed face.

Friday, he appeared on YouTube to tell admirers that the virus had infected their computers “It has paralyzed my face because of a nerve that runs from my ear to my facial nerves. This eye does not appear to be blinking. This side of my face is unable to smile. No matter what I do, this nostril will not budge.”

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Viral infection of a nerve in the head near the auditory canal causes Ramsay Hunt syndrome, an extremely rare neurological condition. It is possible for the virus to remain dormant in the body after having chickenpox or shingles as an adult. Exactly why the virus reactivates and causes Ramsay Hunt-like symptoms is unknown.

According to Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine, symptoms have included a painful rash inside the ear canal and around the ear, at times infecting the tongue and roof of the mouth. Vertigo (the impression of disorientation or things spinning around you) and tinnitus (a ringing in the ear) are also possible side effects of the condition’s inner ear involvement.

On the side of the face that is damaged by Ramsay Hunt syndrome, hearing loss might occur. The virus can also produce weakness, facial droop, or paralysis on the side of the face that was infected, just like Bieber has done with his fans.

When one’s mouth is weak, it can be difficult to close one eye, make facial expressions, or even eat since food can spill out.

Prednisone, an anti-inflammatory steroid, and painkillers are used as part of the treatment regimen. Antiviral medications for the herpes family, such as acyclovir and valacyclovir, may be administered from time to time for their effectiveness.

“I’m going to get well,” Bieber said, saying he was performing “facial exercises” to restore his face back to normal. “I’m going to get better.”

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According to the video, “It will get back to normal—just it’s time, and we don’t know how long time, but it’s going to be OK,” he stated. “My body is clearly trying to warn me to calm down. I hope you understand, and I want to take advantage of this respite to recoup my energy and get back to my usual 100 percent “in the rd century

A complete recovery is not guaranteed, in accordance with Mount Sinai. There are exceptions, of course. The better the probability of recovery, the earlier it is discovered.

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