Justin Bieber Cancels Remainder Of Justice World Tour For Health Reasons
Justin Bieber Cancels Remainder Of Justice World Tour For Health Reasons

Justin Bieber Cancels Remainder Of Justice World Tour For Health Reasons

Justin Bieber canceled the remainder of the Justice World Tour to focus on his health. The Grammy winner canceled his remaining tour dates on Tuesday.

“I went public this year about my battle with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome,” he wrote. Illness prevented me from completing the North American Justice Tour. It “The “Ghost” singer told fans in June that he couldn’t perform his final U.S. tour dates. It’s grave.”

The chickenpox virus causes Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which can reactivate as shingles. Painful shingles rash around the ear causes the syndrome. Paralysis and hearing loss can result.

Next month, Bieber performed at Italy’s Lucca Summer event. In a statement released Tuesday, he said he’d given the trip his all.

“After consulting my doctors, family, and crew, I proceeded to Europe to continue the tour. Six live gigs exhausted me “writing “I gave my all at Rock in Rio last weekend. Once offstage, I was exhausted.”

Like Bieber, Mendes had been honest with his followers on Twitter all year long, revealing in April that he “constantly feels like he’s either flying or drowning.”

In 2020, the legendary K-pop band BTS canceled their world tour due to exhaustion. Group members were frank about their experiences with mental health issues like despair and anxiety.

Suga, a member of BTS, recently told in an interview, “These are not sentiments that need to be suppressed.”

To “get re-inspired and refresh with creative energy,” BTS said in December that they would take a mental health break during the holidays with their families. In June, BTS announced to their fans that they would take a break from the group, which they initially called a hiatus before reversing course.

Bieber understood then to “put my health first.” “I’ll be okay, but I need time to rest and get better,” he added. The singer acknowledged fans. He thanked everyone for their prayers and support.

The new tour Bieber ended early. He canceled his 2017 Purpose World Tour owing to “unforeseen circumstances.”

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