judge judy net worth
judge judy net worth

Judge Judy Net Worth? How Much Money Does She Have?

Judge Judy, whose real name is Judith Sheindlin, is the rough and tough judge on the daytime reality show of the same name. We all know and love her. The show Judge Judy was so popular that it ran for 25 years and made Sheindlin one of the highest-paid TV stars of all time.

She is still going strong in the year 2022. So, how did Sheindlin become such a popular TV star? Here’s a look at her job and how much money she has.

Judge Judy Early Life

Judge Judy was born Judith Susan Blum in Brooklyn, New York. Her married name is Judy Sheindlin. She went to high school at James Madison and then to college at American University in Washington, DC. Judge Judy got her bachelor’s degree in government from American University.

She then went to Washington College of Law to get her law degree. In her class of 126 students, she was the only woman. She then went to New York Law School to get her law degree.

Judge Judy Career

In 1965, when she had completed the bar test, she was quickly engaged by a cosmetics company as a corporate lawyer. Judy was unhappy at work and decided to quit after two years to focus on raising her two children. She began her career as a prosecutor in the family court in 1972 and remained in that role for the next 17 years.

After that, she obtained a position as a judge in New York’s criminal court, where she currently serves as the supervising judge for the family court system. As part of her job, Judy was responsible for prosecuting cases involving family violence and child abuse.

She was featured in features in the Los Angeles Times and on “60 Minutes” due to her no-nonsense attitude and “rough” manner of judging, and she was also recognized for her no-nonsense attitude. In 1996, she published the book “Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining,” and she retired shortly after that, having previously presided over more than 20,000 cases.

The Judge Judy Show

Following the success of the 60 Minutes segment in bringing Judy to the attention of a national audience, she was approached about appearing in a reality courtroom show that would contain actual cases and open verdicts.

She decided to take up the offer, and on September 16, 1996, she made her first appearance on her court show, now known as “Judge Judy.” Over the past 15 years, it has remained the most famous court show broadcast on television. In September 2019, the show reached the end of its 24th season.

The show consistently receives 10 million viewers every day. The year 2009 marked the first time in ten years that a daytime television program could surpass “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in viewership. “Judge Judy” was the program in question.

According to a survey published in 2013 in “Reader’s Digest,” the American people have greater faith in Judge Judy than they do in the justices of the United States Supreme Court.

judge judy net worth

2015 marked the year that Guinness World Records recognized Judge Judy as the judge who had served in a courtroom-based television program for the most extended time. The contract for Judge Judy was renewed by CBS in March 2015 for four seasons, with the final season falling in the 2020-2021 season.

It was announced on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” in March 2020 that the series would end at that time. Judge Judy made the announcement. The production of a brand-new show with the working title Judy Justice is scheduled to begin in 2022.

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Judge Judy’s Net Worth

Judge Judy’s estimated net worth in September 2022 is $440 million, which makes her one of the richest judges in the world. “Judge Judy,” whose real name is Judith Susan Scheindlin, is an American lawyer, author, TV personality, and TV producer from Brooklyn.  Scheindlin has been in charge of her own successful court show, “Judge Judy,” which has won three Daytime Emmy Awards since 1996.

Judge Judy’s Personal Life

In March 2011, Judy had a mini-stroke. She passed out while reviewing a case on her show’s set. The next day, she was let out of the hospital. In 1965, Judy got married to Ronald Levy. They were married for 12 years and had two children. After 12 years, they split up. She married Judge Jerry Sheindlin in 1977.

In the late 1990s, he was on The People’s Court. They divorced in 1990, but a year later, they married again. She has 13 grandchildren and three stepchildren. Judy is a registered independent who supports marriages between people of the same gender. In 2020, she ran for president along with Mike Bloomberg.

In 2014, Judge Judy sued John Haymond and his firm for being the wrong personal injury lawyer. She said that Haymond used her TV image without permission or knowledge in ads that falsely said she backed their company. Even after she told the company to stop, they kept making ads. Damages of more than $75,000 were asked for in the suit. It was reported that it was settled out of court in a way that helped Judy.

How Much Does Judge Judy Earn Per Year?

Judge Judy makes about $47 million a year. There have been some excellent years when she made close to $150 million in a single year thanks to random windfalls. From June 2018 to June 2019, Judy’s earnings were $49 million.

Judge Judy’s Real Estate

Judy Sheindlin owns many properties, each of which is worth more than $100 million. For tax purposes, her main home is a $13 million home in Naples, Florida, with a view of the ocean. She also owns another $11 million mansion in Naples.

Judy and her husband Jerry also own a mansion with nine bedrooms in Greenwich, Connecticut, which they bought in 2007 for $13.2 million.

This 12.5-acre piece of land is probably worth more than $20 million. They bought a five-bedroom condo in Beverly Hills for $10.7 million in 2013. They own a small apartment in New York City that costs $8.5 million. Judy and Jerry spent $9 million in August 2018 to buy a Newport, Rhode Island mansion.

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