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Judd Apatow Net Worth 2022, Salary, Relationship Timeline, And Wiki

The estimated Judd Apatow net worth is $150 million in 2022: Judd Apatow is a well-known filmmaker. Director, producer, and writer Judd Apatow have an estimated net worth of $150 million. His company, Apatow Productions, has produced numerous films and television programs. Apatow, who is well-known for his sense of humor, has worked with some of the world’s finest comedians on his films and stand-up routines. Apatow has racked up a slew of accolades throughout the course of his lengthy and fruitful career.

As a youngster: Judd Apatow was born on the 6th of December, 1967, in New York City, New York. Although his parents split when he was 12, he was raised in a Jewish family with two other siblings and learned the Jewish faith from his parents. He got his start in stand-up comedy by working a summer job at a comedy club. When Apatow was in high school, he founded a comedy radio station and interviewed a number of his heroes. Steve Allen, Howard Stern, Jerry Seinfeld, and a slew of others were among them.

When he was in his final year of high school, he started doing stand-up comedy routines on his own. After completing his undergraduate studies, he enrolled in the screenwriting program at the University of Southern California. Second-year, Apatow had to withdraw since he was so busy working on numerous comedic projects.


As soon as he dropped out of college, Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler shared an apartment. The Ben Stiller Show, which was canceled in 1993, was another show that he worked on with Ben Stiller as a co-writer. In the following years, Apatow worked as a writer on shows like The Larry Sanders Show and The Critic before collaborating on the screenplay for his first feature picture, Heavyweights.

He also contributed to the rewrite of Jim Carrey’s comedy The Cable Guy. Judd Apatow rewrote the first of many Jim Carrey films. During this time, he also revised the scripts for a number of Adam Sandler movies, albeit he was rarely given credit for these contributions.

In 1999, while serving as executive producer of the show Freaks and Geeks, Apatow made a significant step forward in his career. He also wrote and directed numerous episodes during the show’s run. As much as Apatow hated to admit it, the show’s cancellation allowed him to meet several of the show’s stars.



The Legend of Ron Burgundy was made by Apatow in 2004. He would go on to develop a follow-up to the first film. The 40-Year-Old Virgin, his directorial debut, was released in 2005. Fun with Dick and Jane was also written by Apatow in 2005. With the films Knocked Up and Talladega Nights, he added to his list of writing credentials. He produced Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Superbad in 2007. After Pineapple Express, Apatow collaborated with the writing team once more. After that, he co-wrote and produced Walk Hard, and then Drillbit Taylor was his next production.

As a producer in 2008, Apatow made Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Step Brothers. Despite the fact that several of Apatow’s early films were commercially successful, Year One, released in 2009, was not. After receiving rave reviews from critics, Funny People was a box office dud. After the success of Get Him to the Greek, Apatow was once again on a winning streak in 2010. Apatow went on to create Bridesmaids, Girls, Wanderlust, The Five-Year Engagement, This Is 40, and Trainwreck, the most popular R-rated movie ever.

Love, a new Netflix series from Apatow, was his next endeavor. Besides creating it, he’s also writing it and serving as the show’s executive producer. A Pee-Wee Herman film was developed by him in 2016. Doc and Darryl, a documentary he made in the same year, was another step out for him. The Big Sick, directed by Apatow, was released in theatres that year. The King of Staten Island is scheduled for publication in 2020. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the film, written and directed by Judd Apatow, was shifted to video on demand.

Judd Apatow with Leslie Mann
Judd Apatow with Leslie Mann

In relationship with Apatow married actress Leslie Mann in 1997. They eventually became parents to two children.

Purchasing a house:

Judd Apatow owns a number of multi-million dollar houses in some of the most desired neighborhoods in the United States.

An upscale Los Angeles area, Pacific Palisades, was the site of Judd Apatow’s 2003 home purchase. The 6,018-square-foot mansion, which he purchased for $4.474 million, has a private oceanview balcony and an art film theatre. Apatow reportedly sold the property in 2010 for $6.495 million.

Apatow paid $1.656 million for a Beverly Hills “starter home” in 2005.

News broke in 2009 that Judd Apatow, the TV producer best known for episodes including Prison Break and Point Pleasant, was interested in purchasing Marty Adelstein’s house. Apatow was able to buy the Brentwood mansion for $18.25 million, despite the fact that it was listed for $20 million.

Apatow has property on the Big Island of Hawaii, just outside of Kailua-Kona, according to public records. In 2009, he and his wife paid $4.9 million for a condo in this neighborhood.

For $10.825 million in Malibu, California, in 2013, he purchased a beach mansion. 2,550 square feet of living space can be found in the 1930s-built property that is currently on the market. It was reported in 2015 that Apatow and his wife had relisted the house for $12 million less than two years earlier. When Apatow purchased a Santa Monica lot in 2013 for $8.6 million, he planned to build a custom home on the property.

He paid $14.5 million for a home in Santa Monica last year. When William Holden was a Hollywood star, he lived in this 8,000-square-foot penthouse. There are two private elevators in the building, as well as a private rooftop deck with a total area of nearly 2,000 square feet and rooms with glass walls.

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