Travolta Honors Olivia Newton-John
Travolta Honors Olivia Newton-John

John Travolta Honors Olivia Newton

‘Grease’ co-star John Travolta has paid respect to Olivia Newton-John by posting a note on his Facebook page. As the actor said on Instagram, “My beautiful Olivia, you made all of our existence so much better.” “You had a huge impact. I’m really in love with you.”

In 1978, when they played Danny Zuko and Sandy in the hit musical “Grease,” John Newton and John Travolta became household names throughout the world. The two actors reenacted their roles just a few years ago in West Palm Beach, Florida, at the Coral Sky Amphitheatre during a sing-along of the film and a Q&A session.

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In her 73rd year, singer and actress Olivia Newton-John died. Newton-John wore her iconic yellow skirt and complementing cardigan, as well as the white button-up, for her performance. Travolta looked sharp with a classic leather jacket and slicked-back hair.

Newton-John said on Instagram at the time that it was the first time the two had appeared in costume since they made the film more than 40 years ago. “We shall see you down the line and we’ll all be together once again,” Travolta said in his tribute.

He signed it: “Yours from the moment I saw you and forever! Your Danny, your John.”

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