Read John Lennon's Angry Letter to Paul McCartney Up for Auction
Read John Lennon's Angry Letter to Paul McCartney Up for Auction

Read John Lennon’s Angry Letter to Paul McCartney Up for Auction

A letter written by John Lennon for Paul McCartney is estimated to fetch up to $40,000 at auction. Paul McCartney’s “scathing letter to Paul McCartney’s published article in the November 20, 1971, issue of Melody Maker, when Paul discussed his thoughts on John and Yoko [Ono], the breakdown of the Beatles’ commercial relationship, and more” is included in the auction.

The current high offer is $36,000, and the auction will close on August 19 at 9 p.m. Melody Maker published John’s three-page signed and hand-annotated letter requesting for equal time in response to his outrage after reading the interview, according to the ad. On December 4, 1971, Melody Maker released a note written by John Lennon to “the wee McCartneys,” which included Paul, aged 80, and Linda McCartney, his first wife.

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Apple Records, a record label created by The Beatles in 1968, was originally meant as a creative medium for both the group and its individual people, as well as a number of other musicians. The U.K. native began his complaints by explaining the financials of Apple Records.

After describing a phone call with Paul, Lennon said that the Wings musician had bought stock in Northern Songs, the music publishing company the two had created, “behind my back.” McCartney “s–t all over” George Harrison and Ringo Starr, he alleged in 1970, when the “Get Back” singer sued them following a quarrel with their new manager at the time of the lawsuit, Allen Klein.

Ending his letter, the “Working Class Hero” lyricist insisted that he had “no hard feelings” and that the duo “essentially want the same [things],” and that he was willing to meet up in person. The aspect that really baffled us was asking to meet WITHOUT LINDA AND YOKO,” Lennon said in a postscript. What do I know about you? We must, however, exercise caution. By now, I figured you’d know who I am: JOHNANDYOKO.”

From the Beatles’ foundation in Liverpool, England, in 1960 to their split in 1969, the “Oh! Darling” musicians had many highs and lows. There were many causes that led to the breakup of the iconic British rock band. During the early to mid-’60s Beatlemania phenomena, the musicians were propelled into the public eye and under a lot of strain.

John Lennon's Angry Letter
John Lennon’s Angry Letter

Another contributing factor was Brian Epstein’s death at the hands of Paul’s wife, Ono, in 1967, as well as marital issues between Paul and Lennon’s wife, Ono.

John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band was released following the Melody Maker’s publication of the “Imagine” singer’s letter to his ex-bandmate. Later that same year, shortly after their debut album was out, the musician sat down with Jann Wenner, the editor-in-chief revealed some behind-the-scenes truths about the Beatles, claiming that Paul was abusive and disrespectful to his wife, Ono. He also had some choice words for Paul McCartney’s solo debut from 1970, “Let It Be.”

When the Beatles broke up, Paul wrote in his 2021 book, Lyrics: 1956 to the Present, that his bandmate “became nasty.” When John spoke, he’d say stuff like ‘It was trash.’ ‘The Beatles were garbage.’ There is also the statement, “I don’t believe in The Beatles; Jesus; or God.” He wrote that the jabs were “very stinging,” and that he was the target of their wrath.

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Despite their tense relationship, the two were able to come to terms before John Lennon was fatally assassinated on December 8, 1980, as he entered his Upper West Side apartment building.

Paul will pay tribute to his late friend, a peace activist, on the eve of his 81st birthday in October 2021. By posting a vintage photo of him and John to Instagram, the Band on the Run singer stated, “Happy birthday thoughts for John,” accompanied by the message.

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