Joey Fatone Wife
Joey Fatone Wife

Joey Fatone Wife: Fatone’s Inspiring Journey with Izabel Araujo!

Joey Fatone is talking openly about how he handled co-parenting following his divorce. The 46-year-old *NSYNC member Fatone discussed the ups and downs of raising daughters Kloey Alexandra, 13, and Briahna, 21, with ex-wife Kelly Baldwin on bandmate Lance Bass’ Frosted Tips podcast.

“Yeah! Still with her, five years now. Doing very well,” the ‘NSync member told reporters on Monday night, including those from Us Weekly. After divorcing Baldwin, the “Tearin’ Up My Heart” singer started dαting Araujo in October 2014. They went on their first dαte to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, where they have since celebrated their anniversary every year. You can see instagram post.


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After 20 years of marriage, Fatone acknowledged that “parenting is always a challenge.” “People always think, you know, you’re a celebrity so when you get divorced or you have the kids, you could do the nannies, you have the money, and you got this and that. Well, it’s irrelevant. I think all of that money and all that s— is really irrelevant.”

Instead, when it comes to co-parenting, Fatone prioritizes spending time with his family. “It’s more or less about ensuring you’re creating that time for each other. When I first got divorced, I didn’t know what to do.”

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Although Fatone acknowledged that he “thought I was going to lose my kids” as a result of “I screwed up,” the former marriage was finally able to resolve specific issues.”And then basically said, ‘So listen, we’re going to split custody.’ And I get my kid pretty much every other week, if I’m not working or on the road.”

He thanked Baldwin for allowing him to “work around my schedule.” “She’s been doing an absolute great and amazing job,” Fatone remarked.

Joey Fatone Wife

“I’ll try to get them every other week, and I think that’s key because when I first did it, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing at first. And this is when my kids were — one was what, three years old at the time I think, and Briahna was only about 10 or 12.”

“Think about that. Raising two kids on your own. You do get joint custody, but you’re literally left in the dust to go, or your ex goes, ‘Figure it out.'” Bass praised the couple for their “always on family vacations together” attitude from “right at the beginning.”

“Which to me, it would be awkward. I guess it depends on how you end things in that situation, but y’all are always on family vacations together. Like, damn, y’all are doing this co-parenting thing,” said Bass.

“We try, you know? Just like anything, it’s ups and downs,” Fatone replied. “We’ve been getting together now a lot more often, you know, being able to spend time with our kids together as a group. Sometimes you don’t see eye-eye with each other, and that’s normal. That’s life.”

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