Jessica Alba Reveals Why She Goes To Therapy With Her Both Daughters
Jessica Alba Reveals Why She Goes To Therapy With Her Both Daughters

Jessica Alba Reveals Why She Goes To Therapy With Her Both Daughters

To maintain open lines of contact with her children, Jessica Alba takes great pains. In an interview with the actress, in which she discusses the wonderful influence therapy has had on her relationship with both of her kids, Honor, and Haven.

In the past, Alba has talked about going to therapy with Honor, but this is the first time she lets on that Haven is now a part of their sessions. Alba and her husband Cash Warren share their three girls and their 4-year-old son, Hayes.

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“I accompanied them both. In addition, I believe that around the age of adolescence is the time when I, with my daughters, “She explains. “What happened next was a sort of “I don’t want to discuss any more” kind of reaction on their part.

There is no way we are going to accomplish this. A line of contact must be maintained at all times in this situation. It is time for me to become a better father for you. What is your preferred method of communication? ‘Don’t close the door on me.'”

“Create a safe area for your kid just to frankly tell you what’s not happening about your parenting,” says the creator of the Honest Company.

“My response was to say, ‘Look, I’m not flawless.'” There will be questions, and I want to be an excellent father to you. As for what you like and don’t like, your preferences differ from those of your sister. “And I know I’m going to make some blunders.” “She distinctly remembers telling her daughters about it.

“There are no consequences for speaking your mind here; tell me what I’m doing incorrectly or differently. Alternatively, how do you want me to punish your mistakes? So, how would you characterize that for yourself? ‘And how would you like to be handled so that you can maintain your dignity?'”

Jessica Alba appeared on an episode of Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt’s Instagram series Between, During, and After Baby last summer, when she revealed that she began mother-daughter counseling two years ago with her eldest kid to overcome communication difficulties.

“Just like my 13-year-old, I’m finding it difficult to stop treating them all like babies and instead treat them as children. I’d like to spoil them. Yet my default setting is to treat them as if they’re infants: “At the time, the author stated this. “I believe she was 11 when we first began coming to therapy together.

As a child, I felt like my relationship with my parents was severely damaged since they didn’t know how to talk effectively with me or how to properly care for me. That’s why we went into counseling jointly so that I wouldn’t have a breakdown with Honor.”

Therapy helped Honor “find her voice,” says Alba. Her child was able “to speak her mind and really acquire self-confidence in saying, ‘Hey, Mom, I like this, I don’t like this.'” Alba says her daughter was able to speak her mind and “own her opinions in a way.”

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Jessica Alba said that last year that while she enjoys the benefits of counseling with Honor, she also tackles difficult talks as they arise. “Every lesson, in my opinion, is an opportunity for self-reflection. I’m not a shut-out “stated the mother of three children. In my opinion, it all boils down to how we can better understand one another.

Right? Isn’t it possible to have empathy and sympathy for someone else??” As Alba went on, A person can always improve their ability to see the world through two lenses: one of context and the other of a particular lens.

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