Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain
Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain

Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain: ’9-1-1’ Star Jennifer Gets Real About Aging!

One would assume that after working in Hollywood for thirty years, Jennifer Love Hewitt would not be rattled by much. The 9-1-1 star, however, recently opened out on social media about ageing, a life experience to which many of us can relate.

The actress celebrated her 44th birthday on February 21 by posting a selfie to Instagram. She shared her raw emotions about ageing with her fans as she posed without makeup.

The Criminal Minds actress captioned the picture, “Woke up at 4 a.m. and was 44!” “I am deeply grateful, blessed, happy, sometimes insecure about aging, a mom of three incredible babies, married to the most handsome and awesome man, and really excited to see what this year has for us,” she said.

Fans of the Party of Five alum immediately connected with her when they saw that she shared her open ideas regarding ageing. They immediately flooded her Instagram with positive comments.

“Truth is you look good without the makeup,” one person comment. Another user remarked, “I feel ya about feeling insecure about aging but when I started looking at it as a privilege to grow old, it changed my outlook on it ❤️.”

“It seems like I was just watching you on Party of Five [to] grow up to be [the] most beautiful sweetest actress of all time 🙌🙌,” a different person noted.

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Although Jennifer Love Hewitt Instagram post may be new, she has previously written about accepting her body. In the next selfie taken in March 2022, she expressed her opinions about using illogical filters in photographs.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain

When she wrote it, she said, “Aging is weird, and growing up with you guys over 33 years has been amazing but the filters of it all can be tricky.”

“You can’t help but want to look better or even perfect to keep up. They are so fun but they also can be really hard because you can forget to feel good about your real face. Maybe I just need to be better at the balance. Anyway, thanks for letting me share and feel good as just me today. Love to you all ❤️.”

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