Jennifer Aniston D@ting
Jennifer Aniston D@ting

Jennifer Aniston D@ting: A Timeline of Her Relationships!

Jennifer Aniston is highly appreciative of her previous partnerships. She spoke out about her marriages to ex-husbands Justin Theroux and Brad Pitt in 2019. In [my] perspective, my marriages have been quite successful, she remarked.

And when they ended, it was a decision made because we decided to be happy, even though happiness occasionally no longer exists inside that arrangement.

“Sure, there were hiccups, and obviously not every moment felt fantastic, but at the end of the day, this is our one life, and I would not stay in a situation out of fear,” Aniston concluded. fear of solitude. concern that one won’t be able to live.

Staying in a marriage out of fear seems disrespectful to your one life. Aniston has been in several notable relationships besides her wedding, but she is currently seeking a partner outside of the entertainment scene.

She remarked, “That’d be nice,” to PEOPLE in 2021. Here is a look at Jennifer Aniston’s past relationships.

Charlie Schlatter

The young actress appeared in the 1990 NBC sitcom Ferris Bueller, modeled off Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. There were 13 episodes in all of the show. Charlie Schlatter and Aniston, who played Ferris’ sister, Jeannie, got to know each other on the set.

Editor-in-Chief of GQ Jim Nelson posted an article about his experience working as a Hollywood assistant in 2014. While serving as a writer’s assistant on Ferris Bueller, Nelson witnessed the on-screen siblings’ “brief” off-screen relationship.

“GQ can exclusively report that everyone on set thought she was hot, including Schlatter, with whom she had a brief, torrid romance — while playing, it must be said, his older sister,” he wrote.

Adam Duritz

After meeting at The Viper Room in 1995, Aniston had a brief relationship with Counting Crows vocalist Adam Duritz.

“A bunch of my friends lied to me and told me she had a crush on me,” Duritz recalled in 2021. “And those same friends lied to her and told her I had a crush on her. I honestly had no idea who she was.”

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Duritz continued, “She was nice, really funny, really pretty. Those are pretty good requirements for me and also she liked me. It didn’t last very long, but she’s a nice girl.”

Vince Vaughn

While filming The Break-Up in Chicago in the summer of 2005, Aniston started d@ting her co-star, Vince Vaughn. “She’s awesome,” Vaughn told PEOPLE in June. “She has just a wonderful warmth and likability about her.”

But Aniston and Vaughn had split up by December 2006. “After Jennifer’s trip to London several weeks ago, Jennifer and Vince mutually agreed to end their relationship but continue to be good friends today,” their reps told PEOPLE.

Aniston remained silent about the breakup until 2008, when she remembered the couple’s brief relationship with nostalgia. “I call Vince my defibrillator,” she told Vogue.

“He literally brought me back to life. My first gasp of air was a big laugh! It was great. I love him. He’s a bull in a china shop. He was lovely and fun and perfect for the time we had together. And I needed that. And it sort of ran its course.”

Jennifer Aniston D@ting

John Mayer

Aniston and John Mayer dated intermittently for nearly a year after first meeting at an Oscars celebration in early 2008.

Things started to fall apart for the couple by August. “I ended a relationship to be alone, because I don’t want to waste somebody’s time if something’s not right,” Mayer told reporters.

In February 2009, the couple briefly got back together and went to the Oscars, where Aniston was a presenter. Nevertheless, they broke up once more shortly after.

“They had some disagreements and decided to not continue to see each other,” a source told PEOPLE at the time. “Jen is moving on with her life like she always does. She seems happy.”

In 2010, the “Gravity” singer said of their split, “I’ve never really gotten over it. It was one of the worst times of my life.”

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