After Raskin Was Diagnosed With Cancer, Greene And Raskin Put Their Differences Aside And Talked On Twitter
After Raskin Was Diagnosed With Cancer, Greene And Raskin Put Their Differences Aside And Talked On Twitter

Rep. Jamie Raskin Of Maryland Has Cancer That Is “Serious But Treatable”

Rep. Jamie Raskin, who is now a member of the Jan. 6 Committee, served as the main manager for the second attempt to impeach President Trump. Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Democrat representing Maryland, made the announcement on Wednesday that he has been diagnosed with diffuse large B cell lymphoma, which he describes as “a serious but curable form of cancer.”

Raskin, the primary impeachment manager for former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment and now on the Jan. 6 Committee, announced that he is battling cancer in a news release. Raskin is currently a member of the committee.

“After several days of tests, I have been diagnosed with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma, which is a dangerous but curable kind of cancer,” he stated. “Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma” is a form of cancer that can be cured. “I am about to begin a regimen of chemotherapy and immunotherapy that will be administered on an outpatient basis at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

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After four months of treatment, the prognosis is bright for the majority of persons in the same circumstances as I am.” Raskin has stated that he anticipates being able to continue working while he is undergoing treatment; nevertheless, his physicians have advised him to exercise caution and make every effort to limit needless exposure to COVID-19, the flu, or any other viruses.

There is a risk that chemotherapy will render the immune system of the body more susceptible to infection by viruses. Raskin went on to say, “I’ve been told that it also leads to increased appetite and hair loss.”

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