James Gerald Martin III death
James Gerald Martin III death

Police Identify Missing Man’s Body After Friend’s Death in Timbergrove Gardens Home

Dana Lars Ryssdal, an Oregon entrepreneur, was discovered dead over a week after police began searching for his corpse.

On January 27th, Dana Lars Ryssdal, 35, was found shot and died inside a residence on the 1700 block of T.C. Jester Boulevard; the homeowner was reported missing at the time.

Since the 27th of January, when police were called to check on James Gerald Martin III, age 37, they have been unable to locate him.

Records show that Martin’s parents purchased the property in March of 2022, and police say that neighbours noticed something was off about the house immediately.

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The 2,450-square-foot house is part of a small, guarded neighbourhood with only 11 other residences. Martin’s neighbours called the police after they discovered his car running in the garage after he hadn’t answered his phone for a while.

James Gerald Martin III death
James Gerald Martin III death

The investigation also included a white 2022 Dodge Ram pickup truck with the Oregon licence plate 915NLP. On January 30, police spotted a truck abandoned off the side of Cullen Boulevard near the 6900 block. It is currently being processed as possible evidence.

On Saturday, the authorities stated that Martin’s remains had been located inside another vehicle on February 1. Investigators claimed Martin had multiple gunshot wounds, but provided few details.

ABC13 reports that law enforcement has validated Ryssdal’s ownership of the truck and has ruled out suspecting Martin in his death.

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