Jackass Cast
Jackass Cast

Jackass Cast: 7 Movies & TV Shows that Showcase the Jackass Crew!

It’s interesting to see how far the motley crew of stunt performers has gone as the Jackass film series comes to an expectedly dramatic and stupidly over-the-top conclusion in Jackass Forever.

The group’s leader, Johnny Knoxville, has established a lucrative film career. Still, the other members have moved on to host reality shows or make cameo appearances in similarly entertaining films and television shows as themselves.

Even crew members, including Spike Jonze, the filmmaker, have gone on to play minor supporting roles in their own productions.

Alumni from the franchise, such as Bam Margera, even appeared in programs that were spin-offs of the original Jackass series. Viewers may find them in a wide range of content besides the practical jokes they are well-known for.

Bam Margera – Viva La Bam (2003-2006)

Professional skateboarder and former Jackass cast member Bam Margera produced and starred in the Jackass spin-off series, which ran for five seasons. Other Jackass actors like Ryan Dunn and Brandon DiCamillo appeared on the program.

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While there is some improvised humor in the program, similar to the original material, there is also a lot of forethought and organization. Nevertheless, Viva La Bam is fun as Margera and his friends get into mischief and frequently do skateboarding-related pranks.

Many famous people, such as Sean Penn, Billy Idol, and Tony Hawk, appeared as special guests on Viva La Bam.

Johnny Knoxville – Walking Tall (2004)

Walking Tall, a remake of the aforementioned action classic, was one of Dwayne Johnson’s first films after retiring from professional wrestling. He portrays an ex-Special Forces sergeant who returns home to find corruption and criminality rife.

Jackass Cast

He deputizes his best friend Ray as sheriff, and the two set out to uncover a plot behind the town’s new casino. Johnson’s charm makes the film an entertaining action thriller, and Johnny Knoxville’s Ray provides a humorous touch.

Knoxville developed a reputation as a dependable comedian who could hold his own against action movie greats like Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Last Stand) and Jackie Chan (Skiptrace), in addition to being the leader of the Jackass gang.

Steve-O – Lennon Or McCartney (2014)

Nearly all Jackass productions, including films, TV specials, and spin-off series, feature Steve-O. In terms of his filmography outside of the Jackass series, Steve-O has made several cameos and guest appearances.

Steve-O joined 550 other celebrities to answer the question, “Who was the better Beatle?” for this unique short documentary on The Beatles.

The interviews all seem to have different opinions, and some even name non-Beatles musicians like Jimi Hendrix or Keith Richards, which makes the movie absurdly humorous. Steve-O chose Sir Paul McCartney as his favorite musician.

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Ryan Dunn – Homewrecker (2005)

Ryan Dunn, who has since passed away, was well-known for his daring acts with his close friend Bam Margera. Additionally, he was successful as a TV host for programs like Homewrecker.

Homewrecker is a reality program focusing more on demolishing than restoring homes. It was created as a parody of home remodeling series like Trading Spaces and Extreme Makeover.

Homewrecker conjures the same anarchic tone, even though it is not a Jackass spin-off, with some unexpected yet hilarious outcomes. Of course, Dunn’s contagious enthusiasm is a plus.

Dave England – Natural Born Pranksters (2016)

Since the popularity of Jackass and the start of the YouTube era, several prankster organizations have appeared. The YouTube prankster trio Roman Atwood, Dennis Roady, and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy are good examples.

Their efforts led to the creation of the film Natural Born Pranksters when they set out to pull off some practical jokes that were too elaborate for social media footage.

They do it all, from staging third-degree burns in a tanning bed to persuading critics that a painting of pee is a real art.

Several reality show stars, notably snowboarder Dave England and Jackass stunt performer Dave England, make cameo appearances in the movie as themselves, as has been the practice with similar practical joke films.

Jason Acuña – Elf-Man (2012)

Elf-Man, a holiday comedy film, was skateboarder Jason Acua’s first family-friendly release. Acuna is also known as Wee-Man on Jackass. He appears as one of Santa Claus’ elves who is left behind and plays the title role.

He makes friends with a few kids, discovers his ability as a superhero, and even takes on a gang of robbers that the kids’ father still invented.

It’s nice to see him in an original role like Elf-Man after seeing him in so many different Jackass flicks. Acuna worked on the film as an executive producer as well.

Spike Jonze – Her (2013)

Spike Jonze, a well-known director-screenwriter and co-creator of the Jackass series, frequently makes a crew appearance in the films. He portrayed a foul-mouthed holographic alien in the sci-fi romance film Her, another instance of his making a cameo appearance in his work.

On the other hand, the film centers on the loneliness of Joaquin Phoenix’s devastated lead character, who unintentionally falls in love with an AI system. Her received great praise for its performances and philosophical concepts, and director Spike Jonze received an Oscar for his screenplay.

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