Is Troy Aikman Divorced (1)
Is Troy Aikman Divorced (1)

Is Troy Aikman Divorced? Who Is Troy Aikman Now Married To?

Fans saw Troy Aikman’s debut on ESPN’s Monday Night Football last week. This was the year’s first contest, so it was a big deal. Extremely disheartened football fans watched as the former Dallas Cowboys star left Fox Sports for ESPN during the offseason.

He is a former quarterback for the Cowboys and a well-known reality TV star in the United States (Jerry Jones). However, he kept himself busy on Monday nights to spend more time with his wife and daughters on the weekends. Troy Aikman’s relationship status remains unknown. If so, does Troy Aikman have a new wife? There’s no doubt that Troy Aikman’s life story will pique your interest.

A Divorce For Troy Aikman

The former Cowboys quarterback is now legendary for more than just his playing ability. Aikman had a reputation as Dallas’s most eligible bachelor. Early in his career, Troy was linked to the famous actress Sandra Bullock and later committed to the beautiful Lorie Morgan. But that all changed when he met his future wife, Rhonda Worthy. For the first time in his life, he had faith in love.

Is Troy Aikman Divorced (1)
Is Troy Aikman Divorced (1)

While Troy’s football career was winding down, he began dating Rhonda Worthey. He and his first wife, Rhonda Worthey, became a celebrity couple in 2000. They were seen at important gatherings like The Barnstable Brown Party in Louisville, Kentucky. They frequented the same social and sporting events in the Dallas–Fort Worth area. The event was a gradual catalyst for the couple’s marriage, as they were deeply in love.

They had a beautiful life together after Ronda and Aikman tied the knot on April 8, 2000. Alexa Maire and Jordan Ashley are their beautiful daughters. Following that event, the couple began living apart in January 2011 and finalized their divorce on April 12, 2011. Though they were no longer together, the couple did a good job parenting their daughters.

Troy Aikman has moved on with his life after his divorce. When pressed, though, who exactly does he currently share a bed with?

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Who Is Troy Aikman Now Married To?

The famous person’s love life dramatically changed when he suddenly became single. After more than five years of being on his own, he finally found true love with Catherine, better known as “Capa.” CAPA, a single mom, based in Dallas, runs a mobile fashion boutique out of a posh truck.

The businesswoman’s two sons, Luke and Val, were both in high school. Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner, has a famous relative in their grandmother. It’s interesting to note that during his time with the Cowboys from 1989 to 2000, Troy won three Super Bowls. It does seem like a small world, and how wonderful it is that the couple has found each other.

Once they found each other, they were destined to spend the rest of their lives together. The engagement took place in 2017 at the picturesque backdrop of Lake Como. In just three months, the couple planned and executed a small, intimate wedding in Santa Barbara, California.

Is Troy Aikman Divorced (1)
Is Troy Aikman Divorced (1)

Aside from his relationship with Capa, Troy led a very reclusive existence. However, he soon began to boast about his relationship and publicly acknowledge it on social media. The couple commemorated their second wedding anniversary with an Instagram post reading, “I love you. And I adore us. Our family is the best. To the woman who completes me, I wish you a happy anniversary.

When he talks about his family and Capa on social media, he uses the hashtag #teamsix. The family is very close and helps each other through tough times. Troy makes sure his stepsons, all of whom play on the high school football team he sponsors, perform at their best. All four of his children attend the same private school.

Troy had previously considered coaching his daughters but decided against it out of concern for their well-being. He told GQ in 2012, “I just want to be Dad.” But now that he has stepsons, he can coach them. He is a coach on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, a player on Fridays, and an announcer on Thursdays and Sundays.

Furthermore, the Aikmans are avid outdoor enthusiasts. They enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities, including hiking and canoeing. As a result, Troy Aikman has found the love of his life and is having the time of his life following his divorce. As of 2022, Troy Aikman has settled down with a wife and is raising four kids independently. He finally has everything he’s dreamed of in life.

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