Is There Any Concert In Charlotte Tonight
Is There Any Concert In Charlotte Tonight

Is There Any Concert In Charlotte Tonight?

Is there any concert in Charlotte tonight? You will read about this in this post. Charlotte is a thriving metropolis with a younger demographic than almost any other US city. And as the state’s largest metropolis, there’s no shortage of places to hear live music.

To this day, Ovens Auditorium remains one of Charlotte’s most reliable venues for live performances. In 1955, it opened to the public as part of an amusement and sports complex. Ovens Auditorium and Bojangles Coliseum, located right next door, have hosted concerts by legendary performers, including James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, the Jackson Five, and the Backstreet Boys, among many others.

Even though the city’s major sports teams have outgrown the old sports complex and relocated, Ovens Auditorium, which seats 2,460, is still a vital part of Charlotte’s thriving music scene. The venue has an orchestra, mezzanine, and balcony levels for its patrons. Artists like Jason Isbell and Frank Turner, Evanescence, Robert Plant, and The Brian Setzer Orchestra are all scheduled to perform at Ovens Auditorium shortly.

The PNC Music Pavilion is the place to be if you’re looking for a venue that can accommodate larger crowds. Outside, you’ll find The Pavilion in an amphitheater setting. Ozzfest and The Vans Warped Tour are just two examples of events that could benefit from the venue’s massive capacity of 18,768.

There are about 8600 seats in the Pavilion, while the remainder of the space is taken up by the mob on the lawn. Since it opened in 1991, the PNC Music Pavilion has hosted performances by many well-known acts. Since it is an outdoor location, most of its events occur in the warmer months. Zac Brown Band, Muse, Iron Maiden, Counting Crows, and Nine Inch Nails are just a few bands that have recently played at the Pavilion.

Additionally, Charlotte is home to a plethora of excellent concert halls. You can also check out The Underground or the Neighborhood Theater.

Where Should I Go If I Want to Watch A Good Concert In The Charlotte area?

PNC Music Pavilion is where the majority of significant acts will be performed. Whether or not you have an excellent time depends on the weather, particularly if you plan to enjoy the show on the grass, but overall, it’s a great place to see amazing acts. Charlotte receives about the same amount of precipitation as the rest of the United States each year.

How About Some Information About This Weekend’s Concert Schedule?

Check out the “Concert this Weekend” section for a full rundown of this weekend’s entertainment options in Queen City.


The PNC Pavilion is an indoor/outdoor concert hall. The audience and the stage are undercover, but the grassy area is exposed. Get off the lawn and into the seats if you want a good view or to avoid the rain. Bring your lawn chair or a beach towel if you purchase lawn seating. Costing $25 per day, parking at the venue is an additional expense. Near the Pavilion is also a stop for the local CATS bus system.

What Are The Ticket Prices?

Charlotte is a central music hub, hosting various concerts in various settings. There is a wide range of ticket prices, so fans of different budgets can attend. Price ranges for shows happening today, this weekend, and this week can be viewed by scrolling to the top of the page.

About The Upcoming Concerts In Charlotte By Any Particular Bands or Musicians?

Look through the schedule above to see what’s going on in Charlotte in terms of music today, this weekend, and down the road.

Final Lines

If you want to know more about the canceled concerts or any other concert, keep following for more updates.

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