Is Spinning Out Season 2 Cancelled By Netflix? Click Here To Know

spinning out season 2

At the beginning of 2020, Netflix debuted a slew of new shows, including Spinning Out.

It premiered on January 1st, 2020, and features Kaya Scodelari as a young skater who is given a second chance to prove her abilities.

What does it mean that the show will return for a second season after it’s first finished on suspense? Those are the facts.

Has Spinning Out Season 2 been announced?

Netflix canceled the show less than a month after it premiered, which is unfortunate. Even though Netflix fans begged the streaming service to change its mind, the decision seems set in stone.

Season one ended with a cliffhanger for fans of Kat Baker (Kaya Scodelari) and bad boy Justin (Evan Roderick), and it appears that they will never get closure.

Fans will undoubtedly be devastated by this news. Netflix, on the other hand, has a history of kicking the can down the road whenever it pleases. We don’t know why the show was canceled. Netflix has always kept its viewership data private, so there’s no way to confirm whether the show was canceled because it did not perform well.

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Storyline Of Spinning Out

An up-and-coming competitive figure skater named Kat Baker is the subject of the film Spinning Out, which tells the story of her struggle with bipolar disorder.

She thought her ice skating career was over after an unfortunate accident at a competition.

After meeting Justine, an accomplished bad-boy ice skater, Kat is given a second chance at her passion, and the two go on to compete together in the Olympics duo ice skating competition.

After a series of setbacks, Kat and Justine decided to end their personal and professional relationship at the end of the first season.

It was quickly changed, and the two-headed to Sectionals, held at the rink Kat once fell on.

No one knows for sure if Kat will ever find success in the same place where she fell together with her career. As the competition progresses, fans will never know what will happen to her and Justine.

Spinning Out Official Trailer

Spinning Out season 1’s official trailer is the best way to remember Kat and Justine’s love story and skating career since there will be no more seasons.

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Cast Of Spinning Out

  • Kat Baker is played by Kaya Scodelario.
  • Justin Davis is played by Evan Roderick.
  • Serena Baker, Kat’s younger half-sister, is played by Willow Shields.
  • James Davis, Justin’s father, is played by David James Elliott.
  • Mandy Davis, Justin’s stepmother, is played by Sarah Wright Olsen.

spinning out season 2

Reason For Cancelation of Spinning Out Season 2

The first season of ‘Spinning Out’ premiered on Netflix on January 1, 2020, with ten episodes total. However, the streamer decided to cancel the program in February 2020, much to the dismay of viewers. There are no reasons given for the cancellation of shows on this website. The first season of ‘Spinning Out,’ on the other hand, failed to attract enough viewers to justify the cost of production. We also know that Netflix uses the first month of viewing data on any episode to make the comparison. The mixed reception to the first season of ‘Spinning Out’ could also be a factor. The streamer may not have been interested in trying their luck with a game that had a poor start.

In many cases, Netflix cancels a show without saying why; however, just like with cable television, low ratings are a sure bet when it comes to Netflix cancellations. According to a Deadline article on Netflix’s decision not to renew Spinning Out, “Netflix, which goes straight to series on all of its shows, evaluates watching (and awards recognition) vs. expense for each show when making a renewal choice.” If the ratings for the first season were any indication, it is possible that Spinning Out will not be renewed for a second season.

Because it mentions “awards recognition,” it raises the intriguing possibility that Netflix will renew a show with low viewership if it has a chance of winning an award, which would give Netflix a lot of goodwill. With a Tomatometer rating of just 59 percent, it’s possible that the streaming platform didn’t see the point in continuing the series.

There’s no way to tell how many people watched the show during its first month on Netflix because the streaming service doesn’t usually release viewership figures for its shows (unless they do exceptionally well). The evidence suggests that it wasn’t a large amount. Almost 73,000 people have signed a petition asking Netflix to bring the show back for a second season, which was started right after the show ended. In comparison to The Queen’s Gambit, which was reportedly viewed by 62 million people, Spinning Out appears insignificant.

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