is nick offerman gay
is nick offerman gay

Does Nick Offerman Identify as Gay? His Role in “The Last of Us”

The actor’s role as Bill in HBO’s version of The Last of Us brings up the question of whether or not Nick Offerman is gay. Most of the time, an actor’s s*xuality is just a part of their personal life and doesn’t need to be talked about.

But when it comes to showing people from the LGBTQ+ community, especially important characters like Bill from The Last of Us, there is a question of whether or not they are being shown in a true way.

Several characters in The Last of Us give off strong hints that they are part of the LGBTQ+ community. None of these people were confirmed for sure until the DLC Left Behind, and Bill was not one of them.

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But in The Last of Us, there are so many hints that Bill is gay that it would almost be a mistake to think that Frank was just Bill’s “partner” in staying alive and trapping the town.

Nick Offerman Is Not Gay But Supports Representation

is nick offerman gay
is nick offerman gay

Bill is gay in The Last of Us but Nick Offerman is not gay, he is married to Megan Mullally. But over the years, he has been a strong voice for the gay community. He knows the advantages his identity gives him and uses them to help people who don’t have the same chances.

Nick Offerman told Logo, as part of a promotion for his role in Hearts Beat Loud, that:

“theatre, film, and television are the storytelling mediums that often represent the underrepresented. So, in my lifetime that’s been gender issues, queer issues, and race issues—and that’s where my heart has gone. When I read scripts, if there’s any kind of humour that’s misogynistic or homophobic or racist, that is just a red flag.”

Even though Nick Offerman and Bill are not both gay, as society has changed, gay characters are less likely to be offensive caricatures than they used to be, and the LGBTQ+ community is much more likely to get to represent itself today.

It would have been nice if Bill was played by a member of the LGBTQ+ community, but there are two other important things to think about. Frank, Bill’s partner on the TV show The Last of Us, is played by a gay man named Murray Bartlett.

Also, Nick Offerman took over the role of Bill on HBO’s The Last of Us after Con O’Neill, who can now be seen in Our Flag Means Death, had to leave the project because of scheduling problems.

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