Is Maxx Crosby Gay
Is Maxx Crosby Gay

Is Maxx Crosby Gay? Exposing the Rumors on His S*xual Orientation!!

Is Maxx Crosby Gay? For aspiring soccer players around the globe, playing in the National Football League is akin to a dream come true. Who would be more knowledgeable than Maxx Robert Crosby? He is an American football professional who specializes in the defensive position.

In addition, the 26-year-old has been a Las Vegas Raider since the 2019 NFL draft. His performance on the field is one of the aspects of him that is most often discussed. Maxx Crosby’s life has been a bit different as of late. Internet users have engaged in intense debates regarding his s*xual orientation.

This is the reason why Maxx Crosby Gay rumors circulate frequently on the Internet. After Carl Nassib stepped out of the closet, it was suggested that the Raiders were a homos*xual team. Is Maxx Crosby homos*xual? Let’s examine more closely!

Is Maxx Crosby Gay?

Maxx Crosby Gay has, without a doubt, caused quite a commotion on social media. However, like many other sports celebrities, the player did not respond to the concerns. In light of this, speculations have become even more outlandish than before, and the internet is also rife with numerous fan hypotheses.

In terms of a definitive answer, however, media reports indicate that Maxx Crosby is heteros*xual and has no homos*xual interests. No other source has verified that the Raiders star is in a same-s*x relationship. Therefore, it is fair to conclude that rumors about Maxx Crosby’s s*xual orientation have no significance or relevance.


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Maxx is not in opposition to the LGBTQ community, despite the fact that he is heteros*xual. After his teammate Carl Nassib came out as homos*xual he was the one to support him.

Crosby explained that Nassib had made a courageous decision and pledged his full support. In fact, the entire NFL team was pleased with Carl’s coming out, and many took to social media to express their admiration.

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Is Maxx Crosby Dating Anyone?

Regarding his current relationship status, Maxx Crosby is currently married. Las Vegas Raiders defensive end player has tied the wedding knot with fiancée Rachel Washburn in Boulder City, Nevada.

The wedding took place in March of 2023, and the venue’s color scheme was absolutely breathtaking. Curiously, their three canines, Leo, Brooklyn, and Durk, inspired the names of a few of the wedding cocktails. In addition, Maxx Crosby and Rachel have an 11-month-old daughter named Ella.

Is Maxx Crosby Gay
Is Maxx Crosby Gay

Regarding the ceremony, they enjoyed a beautiful outdoor dance with their loved ones. In addition, it featured a romantic pyrotechnics display. In 2016, Maxx and his wife met for the first time and became close companions. Soon after their initial meeting, they began courting, thereby initiating a romantic relationship. While in Utah, the Raiders player proposed to Rachel.

As far as his past relationships are concerned, there is no evidence that he has had romantic relationships with women other than his wife. Consequently, we can say that Maxx Crosby only discovered love in Rachel’s eyes. Furthermore, his marriage is one of the most important factors disproving Maxx Crosby’s homos*xuality allegations. Don’t you concur?

Maxx Crosby Net Worth: Is He Earning In Millions?

Maxx Crosby was chosen by the Oakland Raiders in this year’s NFL Draft. He made his introduction against the Denver Broncos and performed admirably. Crosby had ten sacks, 47 total tackles, four passes defended, and four forced fumbles in his inaugural season.

When the athlete was placed on the reserve list on August 6, 2020, however, things became a bit unstable. As it occurred during the coronavirus pandemic, it was commonly known as the COVID-19 list. However, prior to this, Crosby attended an alcohol rehabilitation center.

Regarding Maxx Crosby’s Net Worth, it is estimated that the Raiders star earns $7 million annually. Since the numbers are not official, we cannot verify its veracity. Since he has played in the NFL for a few years, however, he is already estimated to earn millions of dollars.

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Crosby inked a four-year, $98.98 million contract extension with the Raiders, per official records. In this situation, it is also true that the 26-year-old has been living comfortably. However, the media has no knowledge of his additional sources of income. To know more details you can join us on our website Journalist PR.

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